29 June 2009

IPhone update

just rang telstra to see why my iphone had not arrived and they have informed me that it is on back order, whaaa. Joe is anxiously awaiting it's arrival too becasue he will get my old phone.I know it is just a matter of being patient but....
On other news I head down to Port tomorrow to catch up with Mum before she heads off for her holiday to Darwin. Bren is home on holidays,won't be so much computer time for me ;-) ,so it is the perfect time to go while he is here looking after the boys. Also get to stay a night with another of my pals Marcia and her family on my way back.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean when your hubby is home. Greg is on holidays too and when I get home from dropping the girls off at school I usually put Ben infront of the telly for an hour so I can check out blogs and do stuff for the parent club. Well this week I get home and he is on the computer aaahhhhh!!! get off, I NEED to do my stuff.

Can We Be Frank said...

I didn't realize I hadn't checked out your blog in like forever. You've been a busy blogger girl. Loved seeing all your stuff, I've missed feeling inspired! Enjoy your time away... hope you have fun and take photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh My... did you get your phone yet? It's several days later so i am hopeful.

Marque bugged me for months. He got his IPhone for Father's Day. I am not a techie, so I have no understanding for the NEED... but I knew if he continued to ask for it I may have had to _____ him, sooooooooooooo he got it! hahaha