28 June 2009

Sponge Bob costume and formal photos.

Last Friday the younger boys school had a dress up as your hero day, no guessing who Seamus' hero is...So at 3.30 Thursday night when he arrived home he announced we were going to need a costume, great, we had to leave for footy training at four, which would take a few hours and I was also due at a friends at 7(didn't make it until later, sorry Maria)and in the meantime I had to drop off some cooking I had done for a friend, fill the car up with fuel and buy the makings of a costume. Fortunately our local cheapie store had some spare cardboard boxes, so just under $12 later with a couple of cans of yellow spray paint, a roll of masking tape and some felt we had all we needed to make a Sponge bob costume. It was made during all the other things going on and cooking dinner, nothing like a little pressure to get the creative edge going. No bed for me though until after midnight. it was all worth it though the next morning when he woke up happy as a lark.
Friday night Jackson had his year twelve formal, so lovely to see the kids all dressed up in their finery, especially the boys a we seldom get to see them all done up. Jacko loves his new suit and I had more trouble getting to get out of it than in to it. the day we bought it he wouldn't take it off and even sat up playing the xbox with it in, now that's a photo I should have taken.
Doing his tough guy impression.

this one is my fave

Waiting for his date of the night

Jackson and Lucy. Lucy is a friend from out of town, I think it a good idea to take a girl who's a friend rather than a girlfriend.


Donna Maria said...

By golly your a good mum!!! I love Seamus' Sponge Bob costume....Very cool! And speaking of...Who is that very handsome young man....Can't be Jacko... Ok, he looked fantastic and the photo's Susy...just beautiful, very, very nice! He is going to be fighting girls off with a stick...or is he already?!! Xx

Anonymous said...

OMG girl. That SB costumer rocks. Christopher loves SB. You are a better mom than I!!

As for Jack, he is gorgeous as is his friend. I agree - friends are better than girlfriends.