30 November 2006

24 November 2006

Joseph's zoo photos.

Some photos Joseph took at the Monarto zoo just before the camera battery went dead. It must be a bit faulty because it was fully charged before he left. Hopefully we will get some people shots from some of the others that went. He had a fantastic time, the zoos being the highlight but he loved it all. We heard about mad monkies and mating meercats and sandcastle competitions, the lot. After a good old yapping session telling us everything he did he curled up on a chair and fell asleep, very cute. It only lasted an hour though as he had to play basketball at 7. Here are some of the giraffe's, a meercat and some bilbies.

21 November 2006

Joseph, off to camp

Lucky Joseph just about to head off to Adelaide for his anual camp. The year 4/5 kids are heading to the city to do both the Monarto zoo and theAdelaide zoo, science centre, aquatics centre, picture theatre and whatever else fun happens to drop into their path along the way. I did wonder if I might be able to sneak on the bus and go too but then who'd cook the meals at home lol. Just hoping the weather is not too bad up there for them, it's blowing a gale here with hot wind and a few fires about the area so with luck the change will come through a little earlier for them(and us).
I think one of the kids is pointing out the bright pink 'FitzGerald' writen on the strap of my backpack that Joseph borrowed, probably not a good look for a boy. This is the only photo I got for the morning, busy busy. He has also borrowed my P&S digital camera so hopefully it comes home in one piece with lots and lots of photos on it.

14 November 2006


Just a black and white version of Joseph in the akubra.

Boys in hats...

Joseph and Seamus, modeling the latest in oversized hatwear.

10 November 2006

The boys in the band.

Their first public appearance, at the school hall during assembly. Paddy is on bass with Jessie and Nick singing and guitar. The photos didn't turn out as great as I had hoped,the lighting in the hall wa a litle dull but a bit of acid punked them up a little and made them fun.

8 November 2006

Girls night in.

One of our wonderful customers organised a 'girls night in' in the store to raise money for women's cancer research. It was a fun night full of scrappin' and chattin' and of course giggling. When it came time to get our photo taken we kept cracking up (probably over very little), so no nice posed shot, just us laughing. I kinda like it better anyway.

6 November 2006

Another of the monarch

Just another shot of the monarch butterfly we hatched out a few months back.

The whistling boy

This photo cracks me up. When I was doing seamus' photos for Christmas cards the other day he wouldn't stop whistling 'Jingle bells' over and over again so instead of the nice smiley photos(I did get a couple) I expected to get I got these whistling ones instead. I still think they are kinda cute and very 'Seamus'. Now I've just gotta work out how to make them into cards...

1 November 2006

Joseph hamming it up at the new playground.

And he actually expects us to think he's asleep with that big grin on his face... The boys local primary school has just installed a huge new playground with a rock climbing wall, spinning things and every other play thing you can imagine, it's great and the kids are loving it, it even has a resting place lol.