29 August 2008

Just boppin' along to Rob Thomas

Journaling to come, my hand writing is horrid so I will get Brendy to do it, or maybe even Seamus himself.
Paper is cogsmo by cosmo cricket Coloured the live out loud rubon with coloured pencils, the white letters were to stark for my liking
PP basic grey

The blue @ symbol is not meant to be there, I wasn't sure which colour I liked better and sat them both there, obviously there was a bit of tack on the side of one of the letters because it stayed there and I forgot to take it off before photographing it, so typical,lol.

PP K and co

while I upload a few quick layouts I have done recently. gone are the days when I
would spend hours agonising over the placement of an item, now I just tend to stick, if I like it good and well, if I don't and it can't be moved, well that's bad luck and I either try to add something over or around it or just deal with it. Like the bottom layout above. I dropped a letter while sticking with some super strong adhesive on it and it landed crooked, me being quite a linear scrapper tried to move it and all it did was started to tear the paper so I just had to go with the flow and put everything on scew whiff (so what's the real spelling?) I'm still not sure if I really like it or not but here I am sharing it anyway. the cat in the hat layout, which yes I know still needs the journaling done on it, was done after sketching a layout of Nichol Magourik's on the hero arts website here , I really love her style of scrappin and card making. anyway I had the photos and me being usually a one photo girl was a bit flummoxed as to what to do with them, as soon as I saw Nichol's layout I knew it would work for what I wanted to do.

I'm off to go and watch a game of basketball, hooroo.

28 August 2008

Book week and thank you Donna

Cat In The hat AKA Seamus
Robin (Joseph) Hood high fiving the crowd.
Princess (Sandie) Witchiepoo

Firstly a big thank you to Donna for my little award, I'm meant to pass it on but you all rock so how can I choose. So if you read my blog and you think you are deserving (you know you are) just give yourself one of these.
This week has been book week and today the school celebrated with a dress up day, oh what fun. Seamus went as cat in a hat and won the over all competition, a gift voucher from Angus and Robinson book store. It is amazing what you can do with cardboard and a bit of imagination ( a few scrapbook tools help too,lol) Joseph first started out as Specky McGee but changed his mind at the last minute and went as Robin Hood which won him his class prize, cool hey(again cardboard and imagination thrown together in literally 3 minutes). My younger boys are like me and love to dress up for these sort of things. I remember at when I was at school relishing the time for school plays and dress up days and going all out to create a costume from whatever materials I could find around the house, usually in Mum's sewing basket or big sisters wardrobe.
My Mum was a whiz at whipping up a costume at the last minute, still does it occasionally for her great grand kids. Almost the whole school got into it even the teachers. The gorgeous Sandie came as the wicked witch from snow white but still had her princess fairy wand, just so we wouldn't forget who she really is,lol.
that's all for now, oh and I did a layout this afternoon in around about 30 minutes using Seamus' photos from this morning, will share tomorrow, can't be bothered taking photos tonight, gee I'd like a 12 inch scanner.

24 August 2008

More of the good stuff

I forgot to mention that I also won this gorgeous little set of stamps from the awesome hero arts company just by leaving a comment on their blog. They are a little inchie set and I can't wait for them to arrive so I can have a play. I don't know what is more exciting with this kind of thing, the winning or the being contacted by the big guns of the paper crafts world. I received an email from Jennifer McGuire this morning and was so excited.
I guess now I will stop the commenting on blog candy for a while as I really think I have had my share of good stamp winning fortune and one less person commenting leaves one more chance for somebody else to win. I am having a bit of a clean out of my scrap stuff over the next week or two so may even do a little giving away myself, I had panned to do this some time ago but didn't get the opportunity, stay tuned...

21 August 2008

Flippin' awesome

O.K. you are going to have to forgive me all the flip puns. This is my first ever play with the flip. Nobody was at home to shoot footage of so it's a half completed layout. I do tend to babble a bit when I'm on video (and I hate the fake voice that comes out), I think it the talking when there is no one around thing, like leaving a message on an answering service. I chat to myself quite a bit at home but that's a whole other story,lol.
Here goes, I hope this works.

Untitled from Sue FitzGerald on Vimeo.

I'm excited

Woo hoo what a day. Firstly when checking out google reader the link came up that the delightful
JenniferMcGuire had announced the prize winner of the card drive she did, and guess what, my name was on it. there was a special draw for us down under folk (aussies and NZer). I'm so excited, some of the cards are pictured below. For some reason I did not write just what they were for on them when I posted , that's just my scatter brain sometimes I guess. any how I'm just so excited, can hardly sit still to type . The other thing that has made my day brilliant is the arrival of my little flip camera in the mail, super fast shipping from the States amazed me. watch out, videos everywhere from now on, this little thing is amazing.
O.K. I'm off, wish it was to go and do something super exciting like the beginning of the day was but now I have a load of washing to hang out and then I have to take Daisy to the vet. she has a really irritated eye and with Cav's being such big eyed dogs I don't want it to get any worse.
I hope all this makes sense, I'm typing too fast cause I'm still excited.

19 August 2008

Nothing to share from me at the moment

The Moyne river Port Fairy, one of my favourite spots in the whole world and my old home town. I remember as kids rowing the dingy around underneath the wharf and around the river. Isn't the rainbow spectalcular.
The road home, love the moody look of this shot and the sweep of late afternoon light across the road.

Just busy with the usual swirl of kids, sport, school, upcoming footy finals, homestuff, work and play. I haven't picked my camera up, other than for football shots, for ages so I thought I'd share a couple of Brendan's photos taken while he was on holidays last month. these are only two of many he has taken. He is really developing an interest in this hobby, pushed a little by me of course, and I love it. If he sees a nice sunset or view now he will stop the car get out and photograph it or as is the case with the second shot take it while he is driving. So glad the camera I gave him for Christmas turned out to be a hit not a fizzer.

18 August 2008

Another stuff up

OK, the word was meant to be unspectacular not unremarkable, sorry.

Yeah, yeah, I've been tagged.

Thanks Donna, (imagine this said with a hint of sarcasm in my voice,lol)
My dear friend Donna (and no I don't really mind, I was only joking Don) has tagged me to share 6 unremarkable things about myself. Only six, I could probably write an entire book on being unremarkable, so here goes
1) I have a thing for antibacterial solution, and have to soak things like toothbrushes, cutlery holders, toys etc in it regularly, even though I have not had a baby in the house for years, it's just one of those things.
2)I can't bear to wear socks to bed, no matter how cold my feet get, I even get cramps in them sometimes but the feeling of socks in bed just creeps me out.
3)When I type the word scallop on my computer I almost always type scallpop and regards as regrads, not sure why, I really have to slow it down to write those words.
4)My second toes are quite a bit longer than my big toes.
5)I will eat almost anything other that tin asparagus, love it fresh but the canned stuff reminds me of snot,ewww(sorry if that just grossed you out and has put you off canned asparagus for life).
6)I love cotton underwear, I hate the feeling of wearing man made materials next to my skin, so no frilly little nylon knickers for this girl.

So six very unremarkable things and as I said the list could go on and on.
Now I am meant to tag 6 other people but as Donna has already tagged a few of the people I would of I'll leave it to you to tag yourself if you read this.
O.K. I've changed my mind, I am going to tag one person Tanya the unblogging blogger, just because it is so long since she has done anything on hers, update now girl.

14 August 2008

Bring Donna down under

OK for all of you Aussie scrappers out there my friend Kathryn and I have devised a plan to try and get the very talented Donna Downey to come to Australia and do some classes. We are going to use good old fashioned nagging (works for the kids) We thought if those of you who are out there who would be as excited as us to do a class with 'her miss scrappiness' herself could leave a comment on her blog ( weekly if possible) she might just feeled loved enough to want to travel down her and see us all. It's worth a try hey?

8 August 2008

Back to basics

Anyone who looked at my blog yesterday may have noticed I changed my template then ditched it. I have decided I like my plain old blog. I did put in a hew header though but I'm still not sure if I completely like it, it was one I picked up off the net. I think I prefer to do my own but I can't remember the size ratio and pixels I am supposed to size it to, any one want to fill me in or do I actually have to look it up myself, lol. You can ignore the last post at least, I found my poor little lost links, now they are happily right back where they are meant to be.
Have a big footy weekend coming up this weekend. Seamus has his school boys grand final tonight out at Kyby under lights and that will not finish until 9pm, bettter pack my blankie, then the boys play at Penola tomorrow. Hopefully Saturday afternoon will be fairly free.
hooroo for now.

7 August 2008

And also

My little link thingy that normally sits up on the right top corner seems to have gone astray, you know, the thing that lets you sign in to your blog etc. Help pleeeeeaaaase, anyone more computer savvy than me (and that's a huge percentage of the population) please help me find it.......It's sad and lonely lost out there in cyber space somewhere.


When I changed my blog template I lost the links to the blogs I read. If you know I read your blog regularly please leave a comment and link so I can reattach them, thanks.

5 August 2008

Catching up

Stamps-Hero arts
Stamps-Inkadinkadoo and papertreyink The inside of this card is actually navy not black as it looks here
Stamps-PTI Flowers-Hero arts

Stamps-Billy by pink cat studio(they now have a dress up billy range which is adorable and I can't wait to get, perfect for all the boy birthdays we have around here)
Layout on an odd angle. Papers-kaisercraft Kraft Cardstock-Aussiescrapsource (there abbreviated initials are A.S.S. which always makes me giggle, I wonder did they think of this when they started the company) Stamp-Stampit
the stamped quote reads 'go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined' and is so appropriate for Paddy, he is looking out to sea and the ocean is were this boys dreams and heart lie.
Stamp-rubber necker Ribbon-pti
Stamp-Bella Ribbon-vandoras

just thought I'd post a few things I have worked on over the last few weeks (thanks for the push Em,lol) As I have mentioned before Brendan has had a months holidays and so have been hanging out more with him and less time attending blogs and such. He started back last week on the coldest day we've had in ten years, poor thing. His last day off was a lovely one and even though the temperature didn't get very high the sun was gorgeous which made it feel much warmer than it actually was. We spent the day cleaning out the shed and I finished off the kitchen cabinet that Brendan started restoring for me a few holidays ago. I just had to paint the inside and oil the exterior, I love it. It's an old dresser from I think around the 1930s or 40s, will post a photo of it later.