26 May 2010

New do

OK, firstly let me tell you a little about Joe; he knows exactly what he wants and when, like right now. He was born that way,impatient to get into the world, impatient to get on with life, no messing around. It used to drive me crazy when he was little. he had a great imagination and loved to dress up as his favourite characters, either from books , movies or console games and would pressure any adult he could into making the costume for him, usually it was my Mum because she has the best sewing skills and if no one would make a start for him then he would try and do it himself, four year olds and sewing machines are not always a good mix. Not that he would nag or whine or even get nasty about it he just has that way of putting the pressure on that is distinctly Joe. He will probably do well in life by it , that single minded dedication to what he wants (and he drives himself as hard as anyone else, whether it be drawing, I've seen him sit for hours drawing and redrawing characters to get them just right, or his sport) but sometimes there are times when I just have to shake my head and count to ten, thankfully he has a pretty sweet nature because it could really drive me nuts otherwise if there wasn't quite a bit of sugar and charm along with it. So when he decided he wanted his hair cut after trying to grow it out and it turning into a curly boof that was it , it had to be done, there, that night no matter what else was on we were going to have to work around it. He even fidgeted during a demo basket ball training session put on by the pioneers, a team from a neighbouring major town about an hour away, something he would normally love to watch, and never mind that I was enjoying watching too. so home, google research and half an hour later I had one happy boy with his new (tasteful, lol) mohawk. Those years of hairdressing still come in handy at times.

Side view (with a catching flies expression on his face)

There are so many things wrong with this shot, missed the focus on his eyes, colour wonky etc but still I love it.
Photos taken at around 7. 30 this morning in the fog :-)

18 May 2010

Just because

the weather is getting cooler and there is more of this going on inside And this outside
Enjoy Autumn

13 May 2010

What did you get for Mother's day???

As well as the usual

I woke to the sound of giggling to find this bit of gift wrapped goodness
Youngest brother had gift wrapped second youngest brother neck to toe in almost a whole roll of cling wrap. Now I know I shouldn't have been happy about the use of so much of the clingy stuff, you know the whole environmental thing, but how can you not laugh and be filled with the joy of it all. The fruchocs and bow just topped it off beautifully, especially seeing Joe with a nice red polka dot bow around his head, he is such a manly young thing normally, in fact his older brothers have called him the manchild for quite a few years now so to see him trussed up like that just made me giggle.

10 May 2010

Have you met Miss Jones

I found this gorgeous site while browsing(yes I did get a little computer time today)called have you met miss jones full of the most divine white bone china items. Just for fun, this camera lamp base.
I have someone who I'm sure would love this little elephant ;-)
Isn't this lamp just beautiful, so calming.

7 May 2010

sneaking in 5 minutes

of computer time while the boys are otherwise occupied. We are down to a one computer family at the moment and even though it's mine there is no guess as to who never gets near it any more, other than a hard fought few minutes here and there.

Any way I've popped on today to share my Mum's birthday gifts and card. What do you buy the woman who has everything???absolutely nothing, that's what. After 79 (in a couple of weeks) of life on this planet there is not a lot that Mum needs, she has a house full of treasures, gifts from a large continuous family, so I thought this year I would give her a couple of hand made gifts, her favourite kind. The scarf was made using a pattern found here on etsy. I thought she would enjoy the simple card set which I left blank inside as she is still a letter writer. the PP are from K and co, stamped with a little daisy stamp from crafty kids(now kassaz) and coloured with copic markers, all stored in a recycled PTI stamps box(they are the perfect size for a few 5 1/2 inch cards and envelopes). For the card I used PP from Websters page, stamps from stampin up(the rose) PTI (for you) Now to think of a birthdya present :-)

Well seems like my 5 minutes is up and I guess with an early start tomorrow for football I had better chase those boys still up and get to bed myself.

To all those Mum's (or Mum like people) out there, I hope your day on Sunday is filled with lots of love and hugs.

My Mum, mother to 6, Grandmother to 14, great Grandmother to 8 with number 9 due at any time, and stand in Mum for so many more I could never count them but if any one needed a feed, a bed for the night, a sewing, knitting or baking lesson, an ear to listen or even just a quick hug, she's your gal.