28 January 2010

It's all good...

Some more bits and pieces that have been going on in our lives lately.
Seamus' room is finally finished and looks great, we keep going in there and just staring, such a nice change from the crappy grey blue that was in there (and yes it was even on the ceiling, blah)although a little hard to get the colour completely true this is a lovely coastal blue and looks so fresh but not cold.
After his first day back at school he was happy to jump into bed for a quick read to me before falling into a deep sleep (he is usually like his mother and has trouble getting to sleep at night, being a night owl must be genetic :-)
Joe loved his first day of high school although he had double art and double PE then early dismissal so it wasn't too much of a strain.

Playing with my silhouette, am I going to bore you by telling you again how much I love this little machine?
Decorating the new fridge

And my tool caddy

And some Christmas gifts. Yes my friends, that is one foot high of fruchocs, MMMMMmmmmm,and caramel popcorn, double MMMMmmmmmm.

A closer view of the Christmas vinyl on the jar, gold, decorated with a little red bling.
Was a little bit hard to photograph and I was in a hurry to pack them before the kids spotted them and started to sneak the goodies out, you will notice that the fruchocs aren't quite full to the top, they were when I started :-).
Nothing is safe from being vinyled, just don't stand still too long ):-)
I'm off, so much to do before I have to work tonight. A bit of a shock to the system to have to work tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night and Saturday until three after having January off. The kids actually enjoyed being back at school despite not wanting the holidays to end so I am hoping I will be the same :-)

Oh and I plan to change my blog header next week when I get a little time.

23 January 2010

Bits and pieces

This young man turned 16 last week
These little guys have been growing like crazy. they come up and nibble on your hand if you put it in their tank.

We have spent a fair bit of time doing this, while the process may not be totally enjoyable the end results certainbly are, trouble is now I think I need to go shopping for new furniture to match the new room :-) OK will put better photos on later of the colour it looks washy here.

This boy went to Streaky bay for a fortnight with friends, he had a ball, arrived back yesterday.

Had a great night out with these gals, lots of giggles and chat.

20 January 2010

Help for Haiti, etsy style

Has anyone been checking out the fab finds on the help for Haiti etsy store. Very clever artisans have come together to sell their goods to raise money for doctors without borders, double(or is that triple) benefits, we get cute goodies, the people of Haiti get help and the people who have created the goods get a warm fuzzy feeling in their hearts :-). Here is the link. They have some gorgeous items.

Like this
Thought of Coco with this one

This cute crochet pattern

Ahhh, if only my boys were small again, love this.

Thinking of winter already :-)
Go check it out, they have new things coming in regularly and others are moving really fast, like a little hand painted owl I had my eye on, when I went back to check it had been sold, hope it went to a good home.

12 January 2010

Another view

Seeing as today is much more civilised weather wise I thought I would retake the photo of this layout, at least now you can see that the centre is clear, not grass:-). It was so hot over the last few days that even my shampoo was hot and a jet of steam shot out of the hose when I turned it on before the water came through. I don't know whether it is getting hotter over summer or maybe I'm just not coping with it as well as I used to when I was younger. Whatever, I am so thankful that today is cooler and we even had some wonderful rain early this morning, ahh bliss. Had a lovely morning with miss Sandie over a cuppa and loooottts of chatter, thanks Sandie Xx
Oh and thank you to my assistant Seamus for being the layout holder :-)

11 January 2010

Blogging from my iPhone

Hope it works

Doing a little catch up

For the scraperlicious challenge blog. Sorry it is such a cruddy shot, it does look beter IRL, you will just have to trust me. It's just that it is sooo hot outside and I can't find a good spot were the light does not reflect off the transparency so I had to take it on the grass which does not show off the effect of it very well, and my brain hurts... Stay cool

5 January 2010

Getting back into the creative groove

Cardstock-American crafts, Pattern paper-Bo Bunny Tis the season, Border punch-fiskars, Brad-ITop brad maker, Title, heart and bracket shape-Silhouette die cut machine

With the exception of Christmas cards and gifts I have not done very much of the ol' creative stuff at all. Like everyone else, Christmas and New year were highly enjoyable but very busy, then after all the festivities we started the mammoth job of swapping over the two younger boys rooms and rearranging and cleaning number two sons room. I also gave my little nook a partial clean up along the way. There is still a fair bit to be done in other areas but I am loving that the house is beginning to become more orderly and less cluttered and when six people live in one fairly small space it can become untidy and cluttered very quickly. We have purged so much, some to the second hand stores, some to be recycled and quite a bit has simply been tossed.Any way after all this cleaning I decided to treat myself to a day of crafting. I only managed one layout between loads of laundry(the downside of cleaning out rooms is all the clothes that I found shoved in odd spots around their rooms, as if I don't have enough laundry to do :-)running boys here and there and meal preparation, (the boys can eat and eat and). The layout used photos I took for our very first photography group challenge, 'home is where the heart is' I had done them up in a collage so decided to stick with that format, trimming them and putting them on a piece of cardstock in the same way they were on the page I printed. i had so much fun playing with paper again and have decided in my effort to have a more organised life that I will set one afternoon a week aside just for creative stuff.

Have a great day.