30 April 2007

Have I posted this before?

Put this one on peas the other day, can't remember if it was on here as well, if I did here it is again if not, here it is. Really tired now and I am definitely going to bed this time.
It's Joseph by the way, my now eleven year old.

A quick snap of Paddy.

Too tired to type anything tonight, haven't been to bed before midnight for too long.

28 April 2007

And a cake at home afterwards.

We had a quick family cake at home because the two older boys didn't come with us, compliment of Woolies, I was out all day an didn't have time to bake.

Joseph's Birthday

For Joseph's birthday this year we went down to the Mount for the day to catch a movie and have some lunch and a run around. We saw Mr. Bean's holiday and had lunch at the food court, of all the things the boys could have had they chose subway and a wendy's milkshake. We went down to the lakes, the boys had a run around and kicked the footy and had an impromtu game of soccer with some other kids they met there.

22 April 2007

A couple of shots from the beach tonight.

Took two of the boys down to Robe fishing again, didn't get any fish and we got bogged in the sand, even the sunset went behind the clouds, but I did get a couple of shots off before it totally disappeared. It wasn't all bad though and we did have quite a lot of giggles. I purchased my first ever surf rod, man is it hard to cast out, it's so big. I wish my silly imagination wouldn't take over though, I was standing out waist deep in the water in almost darkness and the jaws music started playing in my head, it took all my will power to stay out there and get my next cast out, as I was walking in to shallower water and Paddy was walking out, he let out a yell and turned and bolted inshore fell flat on his face in the water, jumped straight up and ran again as fast as you can in water, it kinda looked funny but after my little wrestle with my imaginary jaws I did a brief little panic until he called out and told me he had just stepped on something, he thinks it was a small stingray, he felt it under his foot and then the tail came around and hit him on the back of the leg, luckily he had his wetsuit on. Once we both realised he had both his legs intact we started to giggle hysterically, it did look funny.
For some reason two of each of the shots has come up, sorry.

19 April 2007

Guess which country I live in???

A little bunch of gum leaves with the afternoon sun on them, I thought they looked pretty.

The other leaf

Not sure which one I like best to use for the scavenger hunt.(see post below) Any idea?

While I was waiting for footy training to finish.

Psssst, wanna know a secret
This was one curious little cow.

I thought this leaf would be good to use for the catagory of 'light' in the scavenger hunt. I wonder at what the footballers thought of the strange woman laying on the middle of the oval (not the one they were playing on) taking photos of leaves on the ground?
A coupkle of the sheep that the high school kids have raised in the agricultural program at the school.
Seamus in colour and black and white, the colour one is a little underexposed but I still like it, check out the two missing front teeth.

More cow secrets.

I decided to play with my camera, usually I like to watch the boys but I didn't think they would mind if I missed the first 20 or so minutes, they usually train for an hour and a half. Seamus and I enjoyed the stroll around the high school grounds and we fed the cows the school raise in their ag program. I love this autumn weather, lovely sunny days, not to hot, with cool crisp evenings.

Name game tag

This came from http://mummaspage.blogspot.com try it, it's fun, I just copied and pasted into my blog and then changed the answers.

This is a fun game!! Here are my answers!:

2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (the first three letters of your real name plus izzle) Sueizzle

3. YOUR DECTIVE NAME (fav colour and fav animal)Green dog

4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: ( your middle name and a street you have lived on) Lorraine Singleton

5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: ( the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)

6. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: ( your 2nd fav colour and fav drink) Blue Lemon Ice tea/water or Pink Vodka and dry

7. YOUR CHILD OF A MOVIE STAR NAME ( the name of a seson/weather condition, the name of a fruit/city) Stormy Mango

8. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME ( parents middle names) Lorraine James

9. YOUR GOTH NAME ( black and the name of one of your pets)Black Frog

10 YOUR PORN STAR NAME (the name of your first pet and a symbol or shape e.g. heart, star, square etc) Puss (yes that really was the name of my first cat) Heart.
Have a go yourself! It's a lot of fun

16 April 2007

One of my big brothers

Out fishing on his boat one morning.

15 April 2007

Jumper presentation...

The number The guernsey
The moment he's been waiting for.

On Thursday night the boys had their jumper presentation for the footy season.
This is the first time Joseph has ever been through this ritual, he has played footy for the school before but never for one of the leagues. it has been such an exciting few days for him, being chosen to play, the jumper presentation and then when they played yesterday he kicked a goal.

Life with boys

Seamus complained he couldn't get dressed this morning. "why I asked?" "Cause my jocks are up there" was the reply as he pointed up at the light. Boys hey!!!

14 April 2007

So what does a barbie doll and dog excrement have in common???

Well I would have thought nothing until just a short while ago, while getting ready for work I happened to glance at the TV while an add was playing for a new barbie with her loyal pet dog Rover (or something like that)which you guessed it, actually poops, you feed it little pellets and it passes them out the other end, ewwwwww. I mean if they really want that badly to clean up dog poo then they can come into my back yard, I'm quite sure my dog will oblige.I think barbie has been around to long if this is what they have to do to create new ones or maybe I'm just out of touch with what little girls want, now my boys would probably love this.

13 April 2007

26 things-row

My interpretaion anyway, they are actually paddling but I'm not going to nitpick. Not the most fabulous photograph but it was very rushed as they were 'rowing' past

Check out these amazing works.

Some of the worlds best photographs. I think I'm gonna like this youtube thing.

Just checking something out

A kind pea told me how to link youtube videos to my blog, so if you can see one then woohoo enjoy this cute little song from Jack Johnson, if you can't then I'm up there with the worlds most computer illiterate people, lol.

11 April 2007

My first 3 items for the hunt.

Frame mechanical

As you may have guessed these are in no particular order.
The first one is the looking down onto the beach from battery hill at Port Fairy and numbers two and three were taken out in the bay at Port while we were fishing (I caught fish, enough for lunch in fact, just had to have a little brag).

26 things, scavenger hunt

Peppermint Patti form Blue Bazaar suggested we do a photography scavenger hunt. The items we are to find are as follows; frame, authority, culture, red, new, liquid, sticky, the end, man made, bottom(could be interesting lol), mechanical, sharp, row, sound, love, you, fizz, numbers, light, curl, missing, Saturday, natural, small, shadows, glass. I'm really looking forward to this, these things are great for making you think outside the box and do something a little different than the everyday shots of the kids etc.

10 April 2007

Where my runners took me...

A cute little flower growing in a crevice of volcanic rock.

Yesterday my runners took me from the ocean to the river, a.m. I was bobbing around in a boat on the ocean at Port Fairy, p.m. I was jumping from rock to rock at the Merri falls Hamilton, without my shoes, so lovely to dip your feet into cool water.

9 April 2007

The Port Fairy wharf from the river

Taken while heading out fishing in big brother Stoot's boat this morning.

It's me

I decided that occasionally I had better hand over the camera to some one else or the kids are going to forget I existed when I'm gone, (except in silly hats).
Taken at the wharf at Port Fairy on 9th April while the boys were fishing.

6 April 2007

Footy training

How they teach the big (and little men) to fly

Joseph(with the ball)

After sports Joseph had to turn around and do footy training, the season starts next week and the boys can't wait, at least the three older boys are playing for the same team now, we're not running around the country side to three different games

One I missed

Sports day

Seamus' braveheart green face
Seamus landing his long jump (the photos are out of order) Joseph's hurdles
Joseph winning his championship race, he slipped over got up and ran his little heart out and won the race.
His first place ribbon.

Seamus doing the high jump Joseph jumping
Seamus long jump

Yesterday the two youngest boys had their school sports day, something they have been excitedly been waiting for for weeks. that morning the pair of them were up early getting ready, I think the preparation, the face paint and decorated T-shirts are as much fun for them as the day itself.