11 June 2009

I forgot to mention

that Jackson passed his first round of testing on Tuesday to do an army based apprenticeship. So far he is track to do the electronic technician training that he wanted with several other options open to him if he changes his mind. He has spent the last few hours reading up on what he has to do with his basic training, sounds very intensive and very physical but he is really excited about it. He is right into his sport any way and jogs around 5 km every second day as well as footy training and playing, athletics at school and soccer several days a week in his lunch break. the not being able to sleep in on weekends will probably be his greatest challenge,lol, that and no XBox. for me the greatest challenge will be letting go, for 18 years I have been responsible for him and even though he is now legally an adult it is still a hard thing to have to do. I guess the first one to leave must be the hardest although I can't imagine it will get any easier as they all file off eventually, hope fully not too soon though.


Can We Be Frank said...

I think you nailed it without even realizing it. The hardest thing for the parent is "letting go" and letting them make their own decisions (be it good or bad). The second hardest thing is when they come to you about something you don't agree with, and not giving them heck over it, rather let them experience what comes with bad decision making. I think the Army was the best thing that could have come my son's way. He needs the direction and discipline. Without it, he's a loose cannon! Sounds like your son will definitely benefit with the new opportunities coming his way. The first time in Afghanistan was harder for me than this second time. The first time he called me crying and hurting and missing home. Breaks a mother's heart. This time he called his wife with those things, easier on me in that respect, but still difficult knowing he's not coming to me for the emotional support. So many things I could go on and on, but.... time to let go. Good luck with you and yours, just remember to tell him you love him, even when it feels odd.

Sandie said...

Congrats to Jackson & oh Susy..... how I feel for you!!! It is so hard to let go but you know that you must. You can never break the bond of being his mum.
Time moves on without our permission & we have to learn to move with it.
We can then be proud of what they have become!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Susy, that is big step forward in Jacksons life and a hard one for you and any mummy to adjust to. I know how hard I found it just letting my girls do kiss and go in the morning for school. Watching your baby leave home and start a career such as this must be hard!! My thoughts are with you, and best wishes to Jackson over the coming weeks and months.