17 June 2009


One of the highlights, for me any way, when we were at the zoo was getting in close with the hippos. I know that in the wild they can be quite dangerous but seeing these large slow moving creatures waddling around it is hard to imagine. The zoo organised a feeding session for us to photograph and we even got to go into the back of the enclosure, very cool. the hippos are quite good for a girls self esteem, I'm sure not even my butt looks that bad,lol. I thought I'd quickly pop these on before I head out for a haircut.


Donna Maria said...

Definiately one of my favourite parts of the day....Oh who am I kidding the whole day was pretty amazing! Xx

2 more sleeps!!

Sandie said...

These photos are just AMAZING!!! When I saw your header - hippos, all I could think of in my head from then on was...............
hungry, hungry, hippos. Hungry, hungry, hippos!!! hee hee
Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Goodsell said...

They're awesome photos!!
I'm so glad your pattern arrived safely too :)