29 August 2007

It's coming..................

You can feel it in the air, smell it and definitely see signs of it everywhere, spring that is. As much as I love winter, the whole warm cuppas in front of the fire and the snuggling up with loved ones thing that suits me nicely, I am ready for a change of season. Spring, the season of outdoors, lengthening days and flowers, lots of lovely flowers. I am most assuredly a four seasons girl.

21 August 2007


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The other morning we had a gorgeous mist covering everything with a fine layer of moisture, I missed the best of it with the camera as I hadn't taken it walking with me but I raced back later in the morning to get the remains of the dew drops on the spider webs. Not as beautiful as they had been an hour earlier and the light source had moved but still pretty enough. Next dewy morning I must remember to take it with me.

Wood chopping

Seamus' friend Callum
The place to toast marshmellows
Seamus eating overcooked marshmellows

The colour your tongue turns when you eat burnt marshmellows
Hot, hot, hot.

Woodchopping isn't just for winter warmth, it's a fun family activity as well. We took along a footy, plenty of treats and a big bag of marshmellows for the fire. While the adults cut and stacked the wood the kids ran, and ran, ate lots of sweet gooey marshmellows and generally burnt off alot of their excess energy, it's usually a sure fire recipe to get them to sleep that night. Seamus had one of his mates for a sleep over the night before so he came along too.

9 August 2007

Spread thinner than a scrapping of vegemite.

Or "vegemite how you can hardly see it" as I used to call it when I was little, meaning I only wanted a little bit on my toast. That describes my life this week. Today for example, up, shower and make lunches for the four boys, dishes and all the other ugly little morning chores that need to be done before I take the boys to school. After the drop off I must admit I had the leisure of a quick stroll through the nature park with the dog before the rush to work. Worked to 3.15, busy there all day, then had to get Joseph to the physio by 3.30, Seamus to a birthday party at 4, pick up one of the boys footy gear they had left behind and drop it off to the other side of town to training, pick the boys up after training at the same time I was meant to pick up the youngest from the party. Then race home with half an hour to cook dinner before taking the eldest back over to the other side of town for guitar lessons, back home again for half an hour then back again to pick him up, do the dinner dishes, make the boys supper because dinner was early and rushed and they are starving as always, clean up after that answer the phone a few times and then finally it's my time. So here I am sitting at the laptop having a little bit of a whinge about my day, when really it doesn't bother me that much, writing it down has made me 'get over it' really quickly all ready to do it again tomorrow. As a result of this busy week/life I have not had the chance to do much of the camera playing thing, just a couple of quick shots of some flowers I was given the other day, gorgeous and a reminder that spring is around the corner although nothing spectacular in the photography department.
I just reread this, my what a moaner, lol, but I am going to leave it here unedited so one day when my boys have all left home and I, sad and lonely with nothing to do(yeh as if) can look back fondly with the distance of time at how full and rich my life was(insert a chuckle here)