28 February 2010

Happy birdday

How this for a cute digi stamp? while I was checking out bogs on google reader the other day I found this card on Em's blog and the same image again on a card Dani's blog. I followed the link which lead me to designed2delight, an online store with some really cute designs, which I guess delighted me, hehe. the best part, well one of the best parts is that by buying using this stamp and participating in their challenge entitles you to a free stamp, yes you heard me free stamp for the next challenge, woohoo, gotta like that. PP-weather vain by october afternoon (my fave) ribbon, sentiment stamp and white card-PTI brad made with OA PP and the ITop brad maker. The first bird and the balloon are popped up a little even though it is a tad hard to see here.
ETA Ahh, I just realised I was going to stitch a line with brown thread along the left side of the card, lol, silly me, you'll just have to imagine it is there. I'll do it tomorrow.

25 February 2010

Finally putting something on the walls

During the process of painting Seamus' room I found an amazing site that sells digital files for you to purchase to cut on your electronic die cut machine. As soon as I spied this quote I knew I had to put it on the wall above his bed. I had begun to despair that Seamus was never really going to love reading like the rest of us do until recently when he finally caught the bug. He would read before but it was always because he had to or he would flick through magazines etc but now I have to go into his room and force him to put his book down, love it. The quote measures 36 inches long, it's a little hard to get a perspective of it 'cause I was too lazy to change my camera lens but it is around the width of his bed. I added the little book (a silhouette design) to the end just to stretch it out a bit as it need to be a couple of inches longer. I'm really happy with how it turned out and most importantly so is he. Now I want to decorate more walls with quotes but I have to paint first, patience girl, patience.

17 February 2010

My baby and a card

The Twilight Tuesday blog that Donna introduced me to back when is closing down. I have been following the girls and their fabulous work for a while now and have even occasionally play along with their challenges,(like right now). I put on the NM soundtrack, just to get me in the mood, and grabbed out some PP, stamps, inks and Dani's sketch and threw it all together on a card, not really sure how I like it, the jury is out, but it's done :-)

the challenge is in Rebecca's words

Creative portion: Create a project that uses printed text: a page from a magazine, book, dictionary, etc. within your project, as the background or focal point.

Comment Portion: I love to read the newspaper online but nothing beats a printed newspaper on Sunday mornings. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t abandon books (hardcover, softcover, or paperback) to a digital reader. Are you totally digital or do you prefer a good old fashioned printed page in your hands?”

well ok the comment part is easy, I am on old fashioned book kind of girl, there is nothing like having something in print in front of you, to take where ever you like, and the smell, nothing electronic could ever replace that new (or old) book smell.

Yesterday I grabbed this little drawer kit by Kaiser with the idea of using it to store my markers in. I have had them for some time now in a little wooden box but hated having to search for colours. there is some gorgeous dedicated storage out there for copics but most of them are either not manufactured here in Australia or they cost and arm and a leg to buy. When I spied these little shelves the other day the idea came to me straight away to cut the front off the drawers(they are heavy chipboard) the markers sit in there nicely and I can now see each colour in it's grouping easily. sorry about the dodgy photo, it was late in the day and they are on a shelf that does not get a lot of light.
And how's this for making me feel old, my baby turned eleven on Monday, although the celebrations started several days earlier with a party at a friends house on Friday night, party and sleep over at our house on Saturday and continued on until mid afternoon Sunday.

He woke to this banner I made for his wall. I think it looks like a great big birthday smile,lol.

An because helium balloons are a little hard to come by in a small country town I went down to the local junk store and bought these paper lanterns to use instead. He decided he likes them there and wants them to stay. I guess that's were they have the advantage over balloons, they don't deflate :-)

And his favourite breakfast by request, ham and cheese croissants served on a Sponge Bob plate. Croissants are the most chosen treat breakfast in our home, all the boys want them for their birthday breakfast.

14 February 2010

Scraperlicious challenge-love

this months scraperlicious challenge, by yours truly, is love, ahhh, where would we be with out it. I finished this layout a few days ago but thought I should wait until today, Valentines day, to share it. Boy was this a hard one to photograph properly, if I exposed for the darker areas, the details like the pearls were barely visible, if I exposed for the lighter areas the writing was barely able to be seen you you will have to use your imagination with this one, lol. Cut the words and decorative borders with the silhouette, the row of hearts is actually what was left over from cutting out the heart border and I thought it was too pretty to throw out so decided to use that too,hehe, waste not want not :-) It's very hard to tell but there are tiny kaiser pearls in the bottom scallop of the bottom and top border as well as on the top of the little cut out designs on the same rows. Paper is from Kassaz, hope I have spelt that right.
I really loved the row of words on this paper(click to see larger) and decided to cut it out to use on here as an accent.
It says here 1992 but I can't quite remember whether it was 92 or 93, I do remember that we had Jackson and that we were leaving him with Mum in Port Fairy while we went to the movies to see Forrest Gump. Working on our time line of meeting in 88, marrying in 89, pregnant in 90 and first baby born in 91 I can only assume that 92 was the year, oh well no matter.

I love paper with words on it :-)
Hope you all had a lovely Valentines day.

Happy valentines day

7 February 2010

Today I played

The quote reads life isn't about finding yourself it's about creating yourself, it photographed a little blurry.

Donna Downey inspired canvas, hard to see here but the butterfly is double layered and brushed with perfect pearls in verdigris and gold. The canvas has several layers of paint washes the painted on rock candy distress paint and when that was dry rubbed it with metallic rubons and more perfect pearls in the vintage range. It's not too sharp in this photo (was too lazy to take it off the wall to a well lit place to photograph) the flower/branchy thing was hand drawn and the sentiment is a stamp form unity. I found it really hard to stamp on the canvas because of the fact that it was only a cheap one and not stretched really tight, next time I think I might use a flat canvas with a nice solid base. Not great but I had fun making it.

I also made this little wall hanging for my great nephew's room, the accents in his room are turquoise and green. The tree was cut using brown suede paper but looks black here
, again with being too lazy to take it off the shelf,lol.
I also made a card (didn't get time to photograph it as it was whisked away for a birthday) and a layout which I cannot share yet as it is a gift :-)
It's amazing how productive you can be when the male population of the house drops from five to two.

2 February 2010

I did it

Made my new blog header. Papers are by Crystal Wilkerson and are available through Jessica Sprague's website, they were purchased last year as part of a kit for Kate package for a fund raiser, similar to the cards for kids that JenniferMcGuire is doing. the our story brush is one of Ali Edward's brushes available here at designer digital and the template its self is one of Rita's from the coffeeteaphotography blog. this is about the biggest it gets for me as far as the whole digi thing goes but stil it's kind of fun to do.
Hoo roo I'm off to go and do something, not sure what yet but something :-)

1 February 2010

Just posted this months scraperlicious challenge over on the blog .
On another note I have a layout in this month digi mag scrapstreet , around page 30 I think. I must confess I had never heard on the mag before they asked me to submit. I am a little disappointed at how crooked it is in the picture but without a 12 inch scanner I had to photograph it and the smaller shot on computer looked straight but not on the bigger page, oh well, such is life. I'm off to cook dinner, yummy fish and salad, perfect for a warm evening. Daisy is laying snoring at me feet, shame I will wake her when I get up.