29 November 2009

I love to see what they see

While driving in and out to the swamp (this post) last school holidays Joe grabbed my little camera out of my handbag and started snapping away as we drove. I love that they see beauty in this world and hope it stays with them forever. The yellow fields are canola crops BTW.

This bottom one is my fave, love the moody sky and misty rain.
Not entirely sure why each photo is a different shape and one has a black frame and not the others, must have been the mood I was in at the time :-)

Advent calendar

We've started getting into Christmas mode here the last few days, Seamus has been making paper decorations and I made this using a kaiser OTP kit, rubons and papers and my fabulous silhouette, man I love that thing. The gorgeous Christmas tree, gifts etc are stuck on transparency and mounted on a few layers of foam dots and the stars are stuck on the back panel. the numbers are from the silhouette cut and print range. I love that present cut out, it's meant to be for a wedding but was so easy to ungroup and remove the part that said to the bride and groom. Love that most of their designs can be altered to suit what you are doing.
We have had our nativity scene up for a few weeks now but still haven't gotten around to taking photos of it yet. Must soon, it's so pretty.
I off now to go and cool dinner before Glee starts, they have just moved it to Sunday nights. I really didn't want to like it but alas I was sucked in after 1 episode. A good thing that has come from Glee is that it has broadened the range of music the kids listened to, their computer is pumping out Bon Jovi as I type and I never thought I would see the day when they were searching youtube for Neil Diamond,lol.

27 November 2009

cool iphone app

The gallery girls
Called shake it. Makes your photos look like old style polaroids, you even get to shake it to make the picture appear faster.

18 November 2009

Long time no blogging

I have times like that, blog heaps for a while then nothing for ages, nothing like going with the flow. I have been making stuff though but only one layout to share, the rest were gifts which I forgot to photograph before I gave them away,lol. Since my last post there has been a new arrival in our family, no not another baby but a beautiful petite little silhouette digital cutter. Oh how I love it, it's sleek design, it's speedy little blade and the designs, oh the designs. I had previously owned the klic'n'kut element, a birthday gift a few years back, which although I liked, I never really loved it. To get the most out of it you really needed to learn it and honestly I just could never be bothered. The capabilities of the software were huge but you really need to be quite techno savvy (although my husband claims I am, he has mistaken time spent on the computer with knowledge about it ;-)I also find that the silhouette cuts are much more intricate. I know it doesn't have the chipboard cutting ability of the knk but everything else just rocks and the software is very user friendly. I made the elements for the layout above in minutes. the 09 in the circle (which I straightened later)the fun and games in the bracket and yep even the run, jump, skip and play is from the silhouette too, they have a fantastic print and cut range. I can see me using this in almost every layout I do from now on. I have even used it for making costumes for the boys school concert in a few weeks, more of that later..

8 November 2009

It was so worth it

To do the 7 hours of driving for a quick overnight stop if only to meet this little man for the first time. Introducing my newest great nephew baby Mitchell, he weighed in at 9lb12oz and is all that of smoochie baby goodness. Even though I didn't arrive until 10 o'clock on the Friday night and left for home around 3.30 on Saturday I managed to catch up with family, drive over to the next town along and cuddle the new baby and had a birthday morning tea out with some of my pals from back home, two and a half hours of girlie chatter and giggles, even made time to squeeze in a quick walk around the Island to the beach. All in all a great day, just feeling a little brain dead now, I think the adrenaline rush has started to wear of,lol. 8 day old cuteness and check out the cute smooched up cheeks and milk spots on the shot below, pure baby goodness..
(forgot to sharpen the shot above for the web, sorry it's a little soft)