25 November 2007

Meet Xavier

I know I was not going to blog this month but could not resist sharing this shot of my beautiful newest nephew Xavier, he is the most beautiful baby and amazing to think when I was cuddling him that he was not even due to be born for a few more weeks.

22 November 2007

I have decided to declare november the non blogging month.

It has been such a busy month I have not had the opportunity to blog or look at anyone elses blogs, oh how sad, I'm having blog hopping withdrawals. On a good note it has been for the most lovely things that have kept me from reporting in, 40ths, 50ths, a wedding, preparing backdrops for the school concert, making Christmas gifts and the most lovely thing, the birth of my newest nephew Xavier. We get to see him this weekend and I can not wait, hopefully he will be out of hospital. He was born five weeks early and still weighed it at a healthy 6 pound 12 oz, this now makes me an aunt 23 times over counting the 6 great nieces and nephews, I count myself very fortunate to come from a largish family and the benefits far outweigh the negatives, especially when it comes to all those sweet little babies, have always been a baby person, probably always will be and I miss not being around them like heck.
Anyway, untill December, stay safe.

7 November 2007

Friends, fine food and the never ending birthday

Or birthday part two. Just popping in to thank everyone who made Saturday night so special. Wow this whole 40th birthday thing has been a blast, might turn 40 again next year. On Saturday a friend, Tan, put on a gorgeous dinner party for me and 8 of my closest Naracoorte friends, 10 counting the chef and waiter (mine and Tanya's husbands, the only two males allowed) I had planned to do something simple at home but Tan and her helpers (Donna and Sharon, Daz and Brendan) stepped in and did the most beautiful party with tea candles scattered around her pergola, fairy lights,candles on the table and even a flower arrangement in the centre, it all looked so beautiful I got a little bit sniffy. I wasn't allowed to see before hand so it was a complete surprise to me. I must say the meal was beautiful and Darren has missed his calling as a chef, after nibbles we had creamy garlic king prawns, then for main it was warm marinated chicken salad and dessert, compliments of Sharon who was also the cocktail making queen for the night, was a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake,so delicious, then we had Christina's range of fine sweet delights. Lucky we did dancing and karaoke afterwards otherwise I would have had to roll home I was that full. There are photos but I haven't had time to put them on the computer yet. After my great weekend a couple of weeks ago with my old group of mates from back home and Saturday nights fantastic evening I feel like it keeps going on and on and my actual birthday wasn't until today and then I get to go home in a couple of weeks and share with my family, so much fun.
Will put photos up tomorrow.
Oh and I forgot to thank everyone for the gorgeous gifts, think I must be the luckiest girl in town.