30 March 2007


My baby's first black eye, fortunately not from a blue, just playing and a smaller kid threw his head back and accidently hit Seamus in the eye, he was very brave about it all, said it hardly even hurt.

27 March 2007

Oh to have the metabolism of a teenage boy...

Jackson just ate 5 salsa pork schnitzels as well as vegetables, I don't know were he puts it, he's as skinny as a rake, just lucky I guess. He's off to Adelaide to run next week, even though he only came fourth in his events, see post lower down, he was competing against boys in a higher level than him(something to do with how the schools are graded) so he's made it through.the school are running a bus up next Tuesday, I wonder will he take a camera for me, I hate not being able to go.

26 March 2007

No more braces

Jackson's new (expensive) smileShow us ya teeth Joseph!!!
Getting the mould made for his plate (which has to worn for around a year but after the first few months only at night)
Close up of the mould
Getting the glue ground off his teeth
Jackson's turn at the mould
The hygienist, Karen.
Great look for a B grade horror movie.
He had to shove a mirror in his mouth for photos of his bottom jaw.

We made a flying trip to Adelaide to get the boys braces removed today, they've been waiting for this day for quite a while but with trying to coordinate the times that the orthodontist had free appointments and we had time to make the 7 hour round trip it was quite a few weeks over due. Unfortunately one of my memory cards decided to pack it in so I lost quite a few of the first shots of Jackson. Afterwards we zipped out to Ikea, the boys really wanted to see it, some video clip they watch on youtube has them obsessed with it, that and the lure of meat balls. It was Brendan's first trip as well, he was quite impressed, it's was a fun few hours.

23 March 2007

Playing around with photoshop

And urbinised a tomato. These tiny little morsels rarely ever make it inside the house, this one certainly didn't. They are called sweet bite and are about the size of a marble, even the dog loves them.

21 March 2007

Jacko's relay

The team ran fourth in the relay, it was a shame the first runner got off to a bit of a slow start, he's usually really fast, but they all put in a great effort. Jackson had a day of running fourth, in the 1500m the 800m and the hurdles,not a bad effort considering the amount of schools participating. Now he's off to play basket ball, wouldn't you love to have that amount of energy? Jackson's the one on the inside lane with the light blue shirt and the long stride.

20 March 2007

Jacko in his sports gear

Jackson runs in the interschool sports tomorrow representing his school out of the South East of South Australia. One of the students designed their uniforms last year and the school supply them to the kids for the day. I think they look really nice. Can't wait until next monday when his braces come off and I can get a photo of him smiling. Don't you love the hair?

Still trying out RAW

Joseph is my little poser at the moment so therefore I seem to have more photos of him than any other of the boys. The first one was shot using the RAW format on my camera, still a little work to do on colour, the second is the same shot converted to B&W and cropped.

19 March 2007

Don't laugh

Kids were at school and I wanted to try shooting in RAW now that I have the updates for my editing software so the most colourful object I could find was our wobbly T sprinkler in the back yard. No adjustment except those made in Adobe RAW. I'm amazed at how much better the colors are woohoo.

17 March 2007

Playing with some funky colours

Watching one of the most boring movies, Robin Williams in RV. Usually I'm a bit of a williams fan but either he has lost it as an actor or he didn't read the script before he did this, I laughed maybe twice at the beginning and then that was it, unless you like endless poop jokes, not one of his better offerings. Any way this boring movie gave me time to fiddle with Joseph's photo, you can really tell I was bored, giving it lots of colour funk, very overdone but it did fill in a few minutes until the movie was over, even though my monitor needs calibrating, I am really loving my new laptop, love the fact that I can sit in the family room and still blog or surf the net, I've really become a blog addict lately, my bookmarked blog folder takes up nearly the whole length of the screen.


Thought maybe I should get a braces shot before they come off next week, the kids can't wait.
Monday week we head up to Adelaide to the orthodontists clinic.

Remember these

The old fashioned fly spray pump, I still remember Mum using it to chase flies around the house in Port Fairy, probably very environmently unfriendly but alot of fun. With the amount of sticky little flies around at the moment maybe I should fill it up again. found this hanging in a cupboard.

Poor little sick boy, feeling ick.

Poor little Seamus spent St. Paddy's day not feeling very well, hot and clammy with a sore throat, just hoping it's nothing contagious

Wished he could still dance

This little guy came on an e-mail and wriggled and danced around, very cute, wish I knew how to do this computer stuff and could get him to work.

12 March 2007

Polarising filter examples.

The difference a circular polariser makes, these three shots were taken of a rock pool just seconds apart in exactly the same spot with exactly the same camera settings, all I did was to rotate the polariser.

Robe beach

Looks kinda cold hey, but they gave the thumbs up.

A wedding on the beach, the boys thought maybe we could be wedding crashers.Good look paddy

Around 6.30 Saturday evening the boys decided they needed a cool off so we packed up the rods and the boys donned their wet suits for a very quick dip in the ocean, brrr, I was a whoos and stayed on the beach and took photos of them, there was no way i was swimming that time of night in the cold ocean without a wet suit on.

Some of the boats of Robe.

Bream lake

Paddy doing a Rex Hunt Jessie again caught the biggest fish and our supper, delish. Seamus finaly caught his first fish, a tiny little mullet that went back in but it could have been a 9 pounder and he still would have been just as proud, he ended up pulling in around five for the day.

After afternoon tea we went out to bream lake, now that is my sort of fishing spot. Nice wide grassy banks to sit on, no snags, no steep cliffs for kids to fall off, and fish, can't forget the fish, they were actually bitting, nothing big, infact all but one went back in but that wasn't a problem, we had fun hauling them in and I could finally relax and fish

Snack break

Yummodecorations hanging form the rafters
A colorful feast for the eyes
Paddy and Jesssie's chess game

Jessie going back for more

Mid afternoon we changed fishing spots but on the way through the boys had to show me the best spot in town for a shake or ice cream and was it ever yummy, Seamus and I tackled the fruit smoothies while the other 2 boys did a milk shake and ice cream. The place had a really good feel with chess sets set out around tables in the courtyard out the back and gorgeous gelati coloured chair covers with bits of sea shells and other coastal paraphernalia scattered around. There was some funky latin sounding music surrounding us, the type that sneaks in to your back pocket and makes your bum wiggle without you even realising it. We could have stayed there for hours but there were more fish to catch.

The photos from in here are too warm I know but my wb was set wrong, I still like them because they are memories of such a happy day, even though even though they all look like they've used cheap fake tan.

Door way rock

This spot raised my pulse level a little... The above photo is the reason why this sign is here i guess.

Another seagull
Sad little fisherman after not catching anything.
Jessie with one of the sweep he caught.

We started our days fishing at doorway rock, a really picturesque spot. Unfortunately we had to go out on a rocky outcrop because of the low tide were there was really only room for a couple of people to fish so Seamus ended perched up on a rock way too close to the edge in my opinion, I was quite relived when he let me convince him that it wasn't the best spot for catching fish. The older two boys, Paddy and his mate Jessie were pulling in the sweep but only one was big enough to keep. Jessie ended up with the biggest and smallest catch for the day, the smallest was the tiniest little sweep I had ever seen, it would have been lucky to have been 2 inches long.