18 June 2009

I've been playing

You know I still haven't made it on that date with my vacuum yet,lol. I started playing around with ps. always a dangerous thing, but I had bought a set of story board actions here and I wanted to try them out, and then I decided I needed to make a new 'blogged by' brush too so that is how I ended up spending the last hour. these are all older photos and the bottom ones are Brendan's from his fuji P&S but I was just using them for fun and thought I'd share, hope you don't mind. The photo below is NOT a story board action, just one I had joined the two shots together so I could print it that way, I was jsut trialing the brush. Brendy's photos on one of the new story boards, there are 10 in the set, just bought these for a bit of fun, don't know whether I will ever print them or not. Oops I forgot to put a border around this.

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