28 February 2011

Have I ever mentioned

Just how much I love babies, new ones especially. I love the way they smell, they softness of their skin, the noises they make, even when they cry. So imagine how happy I was today when a friend allowed me to photograph her 9 day old baby, so beautiful and fresh. So without further adieu meet Stefan.

Now I realise I have a lot to learn in the baby photographing stakes but hey, I'm so willing to learn, especially if it means I get to have lots of snuggles.

26 February 2011

The banned band cat.

Meet Mr Whiskers. Paddy decided that him and the guys he jams with needed a band cat and that that band cat should live at our house...Big mistake...there are already two cats and one dog here, more than ample for a husband who wanted no pets at all, so you can imagine his reaction when he came home to another kitten in the house. i must add that he was one very cute kitten who took and instant liking ot sleeping on my shoulder and following me around every step I took. Me attached, never. Any way Mr Whiskers, now renamed Patrick has gone to live in another home and I will have to find something else to practice taking photos on.
But he is cute isn't he???

Seamus' first game of cricket for 2011, and all I can say about it is bring on the footy season. I actually think he may just agree with me too. Watching cricket is fine for the few minutes your kid is doing something (I'm talking the few minutes out of hours and hours) the rest is akin to watching paint dry. I know there are many cricket lovers out there who would have me drawn and quartered for that statement but heck I've watched snail races more interesting. At least with a good game of footy there is always something happening. Thankfully none of the boys have shown any interest in the game beyond school boys so I tolerate it while it is on for their sakes. Good coffee and chatter always gets me though,lol.

21 February 2011


With Rita's newest action velvet cream available  http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/2011/02/coffeeshop-velvet-cream-pspse-action.html What do you think? Frames are hers also.

Bool Lagoon

Ok, right at this moment I really should be tucked up in bed, so tired, but I thought I would quickly put up some photos taken today our at Bool Lagoon. a  local wet land area (that is actually wet for the first time in years) It was pretty windy and the clouds didn't lift and give us great light until it was time to leave but still had a great day. Thanks to my photo buddy Sarah, good to have some one to talk camera to(someone to talk photogrpahy to who's eyes don't glaze over when you start talking f stops :-)Teeny tiny things, pulled out my extention tubes but it was quite windy and I was hand holding, fun still though.

14 February 2011

The boys.

On Saturday Naracoorte celebrated with the annual food and wine festival. Paddy and  few mates got together to do a bit of busking and ended up pulling in a neat $100. They were very impressed for their first try. the boys have been doing a bit of song writing and need equipment to record it so it went back into a microphone and some other gadget. Happy that they have the nous to get do a bit of work for the things they want instead of  expecting things to be handed to them, a good ethic for life.
 Some shots of Joe and Seamus in the back shed, aka, the man cave.

I know it is very cliche to say that I don't know were time is going and it only seems like yesterday that they were babies but it is so true. Seamus my baby, is 12 tomorrow.