11 June 2009

Jumping up and down excited and a mystery solved.

Did you here me go "woo hoo" from where you are? I love PTI stamps but with our dollar dropping drastically lately against the US greenback they are just not a luxury I have been able to fork out on. But...apparently last year I did,lol, cause sitting in a little box a my front door step this morning was the 2009 anniversary set. I'm not going to admit to how many sets you had to have bought through out the year to qualify to get them but now I am glad I did because they are so cute. I love the sentiments, ( I think PTI do some of the best sentiments around)and all that polka dottie goodness is making my hands itch to stamp.
Sorry about the wonky scan, I was just rushing to put these on here.and my mystery- I often wonder why there is mess on the floor around the bin in my craft nook and blame the boys for it, trying to throw things into my bin and missing and leaving them lying there, as I have been sitting here Daisy has been putting her little muzzle into my rubbish bin and taking everything out of it piece by piece and laying it on the floor beside the bin. there is bits of paper, plastic, catalogues etc laying all around it. I may have to make an apology to the boys. A strange, strange dog.

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Anonymous said...

I love the look of PTI stamps!! They are many sets on my wish list. One day I'll buy some!