29 June 2009

Today is...

My very talented and wonderful BFF Donna's birthday, finally. Firstly I had it written in my diary a month early, right day, wrong month then last Friday I confused the dates thinking it was the 29th when it was the 26th and now today it is here, at last, right day, right month, all's good, and hey at least I didn't forget,lol.
Me and Donna taken the weekend before last, loved having her stay, there is never enough catch up time. And here is her birthday card, unless I change my mind and do another one, which she will not get until she gets her gift which will hopefully be winging it in soon.

And speaking of birthdays these next two shots are of a couple of unbirthday gifts I have received lately. The first is a gorgeous canvas that Donna painted for me,here is a better photo of it on her blog, I was too lazy to get it down from the top of my book shelf where it is sitting. Isn't she just so clever.

And this cute little glass owl from the gorgeous Sandie, I just love it.

So there, aren't I the spoilt one.

I'm sitting anxiously awaiting the arrival of the postie with my new iPhone and it's getting a bit late, he was meant to bring it today but I may have to be patient and wait until tomorrow now
:-( I just want it n n n o o o o w w w w, that's me jumping up and down as I say it, I'm super excited about getting this and have had to go through with a few back and forward calls with telstra, some with nice people some with really rude, condescending people, makes my day when you do get someone who is helpful and knows what they are doing....


Melissa Goodsell said...

I hope your iPhone arrives soon! That's a really beautiful photo of you and your friend. As always - gorgeous card!!
Your birthday pressies look lovely too :)

Donna Maria said...

Ohhhh I LOVE IT don't you dare make me another one I WANT THAT ONE!!! I miss you soooo much!!! Thankyou my most beautiful and talented and wonderful friend!!! I LOVE YOU! Xx

P.S. Am pinching the photo to put on my blog! Xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

The card is stunning!! And lucky you to receive two lovely unbirthday gifts!!

Anonymous said...

Great pic of you two. And yes you are spoilt! lol


Anonymous said...

Ooo, I love cosmo cricket!


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