25 February 2009

Why it's still no to facebook.

I found this little facebook skit on Tara whitney's blog, quite a giggle, but kinda has a ring of truth to it. The info, your info is out there for all to see. So it's still no to facbook, i'll stick to the old fashioned way to keep in touch like email and text,lol.

18 February 2009

Super shooper dooper turnaround bombs and the things that make me giggle

OK, normally I am quite a serious person, except around my immediate family , that's just me, but when I do get the giggles there is nothing that will stop me, not sad thoughts or biting the inside of my cheek, nothing. And it's always nearly always at inappropriate times like at church one morning. They had the hymn words projected onto a screen, Seamus leaned over to me and quietly and seriously asked "Mum, does that say from the lips of chickens". I lost it, sitting there in my seat shaking with uncontrollable laughter, at least it was quiet, but to anyone sitting behind me there would be no doubt as to what was happened to the woman shaking and rattling in front, luckily there where only a few rows behind me. What it actually said was from the lips of children, of course now the song is always referred to as lips of chickens and always has me on the verge of giggles again. my kids know which buttons to push, when they see me start to regain control they give me a gentle (or not so gentle ) reminder of why I lost it in the first place and off I go again. Tonight it was Brendan's turn, we decided to have a nice little dip in the swimming lake to cool off before bed, picture a large swimming lake with ducks paddling on it(I am surprised that they like it with the chlorine)in the dark surrounded by gorgeous huge old gumtrees and the air still warm,it should have been peaceful but instead Paddy challenged us to water bomb contests. We were the only ones still there and it was dark so I thought I may as well. Bren, well our whole family have a slightly off beat sense of humour that sometimes only we get. I'm sure most families are the same with their own conduct of what is funny and what is not. Anyway Bren was making silly names for each of the bombs he was doing. All he did was call out the name of his last bomb when it was my time to jump and I would dissolve into hopeless giggles and just sort of do an ungainly flop into the water. He did it each time I tried to jump and each time I laughed. We never did get to pick a winner but we did have lots of fun even if it was at my expense,lol

This blog is the closest thing I have ever had to a diary and it's a great spot for me to write down all these funny little things that make us us, so sorry if any boredom was caused to anyone reading this.

17 February 2009

simple layout and a shoe warning

Seamus' birthday photos on a layout (already I know, what a shock) I went simple and fast and included most of my faves from the day on one layout. Seems to be the way I'm heading a bit lately. For a one photo per page girl it's a big leap but I kind of like that it's doing it's job and getting more photos on pages and into albums.
Just some cardstock and letters I diecut using my cuttlebug and quickutz dies and my klic-n-kut element and of course the cuttlebug embossing folders and nesties die for the circles and scallop. Oh and I altered the brads from silver to red with embossing powder. Note to self buy more colours of embossing powder in Adelaide this weekend. A little close up of the title, cut with quickutz dies and mounted on some nestie diecut and embossed circles and scallop and a bit of paper string wrapped around and then mounted using magic mount, simple.
And the shoe warning, don't wear cute shoes to extremely dusty places unless you don't want them looking cute anymore. At least now after a wash they resemble the colour they used to be
but I don't think I will ever get the white to a really white again.
Ohhh and I'm excited to be heading to Adelaide this weekend for the stamping and scrapbooking fair. Not only do I get to do some retail therapy but I also get to catch up with my buds
Donna and Sharon.

15 February 2009

It's all about spongeBob and being ten.

Last night we celebrated Seamus' 10th birthday at Willalooka. Today is actually his day but the Willalooka community did their annual outdoor movie night fundraiser and we thought it would be the ideal opportunity to to have a party with a couple of his friends. what a great night it ended up being, lots of space for active boys to burn off excess energy before they settled to watch the almost three hour viewing of Australia, yummy food and good company. The boys were so good during the movie, it kept their attention the whole time. this is the first time we have watched the movie and could not have picked a better spot to do it, much nicer that sitting indoors, the cool summer breeze(ok it did turn into a cold breeze as the night progressed but we were prepared), a comfy chair (I took my banana lounge,lol) and few blankies and lots of nibbles.
Seamus is all about sponge bob square pants at the moment, his cake, his first DS game (we bought him a DS for his birthday) and the four sponge Bob DVDs the boys hired to watch this morning.
Photos are not that great a quality, we left it until it was getting dark to light the candles and sing happy birthday and I have quite and aversion to using the onboard flash but I'm sure he is still going to love looking back at them in years to come. Reminder to me for the next time I have to make a sponge bob cake, make sure it is cooler, the frosting was very soft to work with in the warmth of the house.
Making his wish. He told me his wish beforehand and then worried that it would not come true because he had. His wish, to help the bushfire victims. I told him because it was such a good wish and was not for himself that I was sure it would. They can be so sweet at times.

His DS, he has waited so long to get one, so many of his friends have them but I don't think it hurts them to have to wait sometimes(and that cursed flash).

The movie screen. They hoisted a large screen up onto a semi and everyone sat around on chairs, blankets and some even went to the extent of bringing lounge chairs and couches. My verdict on the movie, I actually enjoyed it. I had heard so many mixed reviews but I went with an open mind. Not every thing was 100% factual and there were moments were the acting wasn't exactly Oscar material but it was an entertaining flick and that is after all what it is all about. I think things have come so far in the movie industry with special effects and such that we have forgotten the pure entertainment factor. And it was, there was a little comedy, some romance, a bit of history, great scenery and then there was Hugh (sigh) what more can I say,lol.

Not related at all but Paddy played his first game of cricket this season. He filled in a little last season and despite his mothers protests, decided he enjoyed it enough to play. In case you didn't pick it up i very much dislike cricket, especially when they have to field, it's like watching paint dry, no sorry, paint dries so much quicker that a game of cricket goes for. Bring on footy season.

14 February 2009

10 February 2009

Calling all scrapbookers.

I was just browsing a few blogs when I came across this post. Sarah Gladman is organising for scrapbookers to make pages for the fire victims who have lost every thing so they can start their memories again. I think it a wonderful thing, ask anyone what the first thing they would save if a fire hit and aside from family and pets, photos and memorabilia almost always come next. so if you can pop on over and read her post and leave a comment. It really makes you realise how lucky those of us are who have never had to directly face these things first hand really are.

A double, woo hoo

I'm not generally a double page layout person but when I saw this layout on 2peas for the celebrate the season class by the extraordinarily talented Nichol Magourik I knew it would be perfect for these Australia day photos. I didn't stray far from the original as far as title placement etc goes just simplified things down, changed the hearts to stars and added an extra photo. I loved her layout so much that I didn't feel like anything needed to be changed drastically. this little flag embellishment came off a key tag bought for a couple of dollars from our local cheapie store. I wrapped it in white paper string (love that stuff) to make it stand out a little.
And just a quick one of Daisy looking a little bit cute, although it looks darker here than when I first opened it,sorry.

9 February 2009

A very sad time

map of fires taken from the DSE website
I'm sure there are not many out there who have not heard of the terrible bushfires that have burnt and are still burning uncontrollably across my home state of Victoria. My heart and prayers go out to the affected families to those who have lost their homes and those who have lost so much more. with the death toll currently standing at 108 and still so many more still missing it is hard to believe that some of the many fires may have been deliberately lit. You wonder what kind of sickness is in a person who could do this. I have sat in front of the television in tears most of the morning. I remember Ash Wednesday and the devastation it bought not only to housing but to the farming lands and wildlife. We drove through one of the affected areas a couple of days after the fires were out and all you could see for miles and miles were blackened lands and the smell of burnt livestock was sickening. The red cross have set up a line for donations, the number is 1800811700.

6 February 2009

A quick little Mummy brag

It's been a big week for the Fitz boys this week with Jacko appointed as sports captain, Seamus elected as his class' representative for KIC (kids in charge, equivalent to what we used to have as junior school council) and Joseph was today elected as the KIC vice president for the school. Yay boys.

I say, there is a thief in the house.

Lesson learnt, don't turn your back on a bag of groceries when you have a dog that loves her veggies. She grabbbed the carrot that was sticking out the top and ran like crazy outside to devour it. I was too busy laughing(and taking her photo) to growl at her, maybe not good dog whispering techniques but dang funny all the same. Does any one have a pet with strange appetites? Daisy loves most fresh fruit and veggies and goes so far as to steal the bottom layer of cherry tomatoes and snow peas from off the vines. She sniffs along until she smells a ripe one and then pulls it off the bush and chows down on it. Last time I was at the vets she commented on how healthy her teeth and gums were, I guess it's all that freshness,lol. Black and white and slightly cropped.
My baby, not looking babyish enough for his mothers liking, he is growing too fast for the youngest in the family.

And colour

4 February 2009

Me and my guy...

In the quest to get more real life photos of our family I have decided, (gasp) to hand the camera over to the kids more so at the end of my life time there will be some proof that I actualy existed. This was tonights capturing, Brendy and I having a little smooch session. Joseph snapped the shot and in typical tween fashion told us to get a room,lol.

1 February 2009

The bird poo layout.

It's hard to believe I could be so unobservant when I was putting this together, I added my bits and pieces, dry embossed the back of the paper where the leaves, grasses and birds are, pulled it half to pieces again to mount the middle panel up a bit, reassembled it and still did not notice until it came time to photograph it that where I had placed the bird there was a white mark on the paper that looked like the bird has pooped on it. Next time I will try to be more observant about this sort of thing,lol. It has become known now as the bird poo layout.

PP-rose moka, Pens-uniball, every thing else die cut (including scallop edge)using craft foam and dies from bosscut and quickutz using my cuttle bug.