12 December 2006

Family Fair

Last Friday night the kids had the school family fair on. It is held every two years as a fundraiser. I think the Sumo wrestling was the high light this time round. It is something that they haven't had before but judging by the reaction of the kids it will certainly become a bit of a favourite. I seem to have as many photos lately of the Jessies as I do of my own kids.

8 December 2006

Paddy's yr 7 graduation

For Paddy's graduation we had a roudy but fun dinner at Billy Mac's. The kids then went up to the school hall for a bit of a groove around for a couple of hours before we rejoined them there for their presentions. Afterwards they had to dance with either mum or dad, some of them enthusiastically, some not.

6 December 2006

Grandfinal winners...

Brendan coached Paddy's basketball team to a win in the finals this season.

4 December 2006

A very dry year

This is the creek the boys are usually fishing out of this time of year. With the exception of a few small patches where the really deep pools were the whole thing is like this. And they are trying to tell us there is no drought. At least it uncovers some interesting old stuff like this old cart that has been buried underwater for goodness knows how long.

3 December 2006


Seamus and my shadow, along the Naracoorte creek, or what's left of it anyway.

1 December 2006

Don't forget...

That if you want to see any photos a bit larger just click on them.


Today I got to take a group of 5 boys (I owned one of them) down to the swimming lake on its first day of official opening as a treat for them for completing their school rewards chart. All of us really enjoyed the morning, I got to sit on my chair with a book (with one eye on the boys of course) enjoying the sun and gentle breeze (which turned into strong wind not long after we left) and the boys got to have a great time too. We followed up with pizza and chips. Now why wasn't school like thais when I went/