29 April 2008

A little tale to share.

I've got lots to blog about but no time at the moment but I have to share this little story. I have just picked up my two eldest boys from their after school part time jobs, the older of the two works for a few hours a week at the local supermarket in the fruit and veg department. He couldn't work out why a friend of his could not stop laughing at him at work tonight . She had came into the supermarket looking for asparagus and asked him if he knew where it was, being fairly new he didn't but said to her he did not even know what asparagus was and that he thought it was a part of the body. Which part??? Asparagus veins of course. the poor girls no wonder she almost had a melt down in the store, I'm still laughing every time I think of it.

24 April 2008

Arte y Pico

Sweet Em from http://inemscloset.blogspot.com/ has awarded me the Arte Y Pico award, I am very honoured. Once awarded the idea is to send this on to 5 other bloggers who's blogging inspires you. So here's the list (I don't suppose I can send one back can I Em?)I wish I could add more, there are so many inspiring blogs out there.
Kathryn http://kathryn-timeforachat.blogspot.com/ Scrapbooker and home school Mum extraordinaire
Lisa http://theblogoflisavc.blogspot.com/ Cool creative freestyle scrappin'
Peta http://mummaspage.blogspot.com/ Always coming up with original ideas
Kaz http://canwebefrank.blogspot.com/ The rockinest landscape photographer
Bec http://thespiceoflife.typepad.com/ You've got to check out this girls paper crafts work, it's amazing.
So there is the prestigious list, I hope you print the award out and sit them on your mantle and dust them regularly,lol.

22 April 2008

Whipper snapper cards

Sorry the cards are a little distorted, I must have photographed them a little crooked, they are at right angles irl, promise, lol.
The dotty back ground on this card is made using the swiss dot embossing folder that wonderful Emily Em'sblog sent to me as a RAK recently, along with a gorgeous card and roll of soft sage ribbon. It's so exciting to get a surprise in the mail, especially all the way from the States. In light of her generosity I have decided to 'pay it forward' and do some blog candy next week, stay tuned for details.
I recently purchased a couple of new stamps from Whippersnapper stamps and had the time last week to have a play with them. I thought the monster stamp would be a great boy card stamp, and we have plenty of boy birthdays in our family, and the umbrella I purchased just because I liked it. I thought the rain sentiment from Papertry Ink went perfectly with it. I'm still loving my nestability dies, used for the border of the sentiment on the bw card, that I bought from BizzyBecs , they are so cool and easy to use with the cuttle bug machine.
Bits of my text keep disappearing as I type, I think there may be something wrong with my computer at the moment ,not sure if is going to show up later when I post this, will have to get it checked out, so if this post makes no sense at all you will know why.

19 April 2008

Some shots from Xavier's baptism and Joseph's footy

Joseph playing for his school in the SAPSASA school tryouts

Cute little Xavier and his gorgeous Mum Rachel

For some reason either blogger or my computer are not doing as they are meant to tonight so I'm not sure if all these photos are going to show. There are a few more from Xavier's baptism and the other ones (if they show) are from Joseph's school football game. Kids from schools all over the district came to try out for the SAPSASA (South Australian primary schools athletics? association)football match. Only twenty three kids were selected to form a team for this district (upper south east) to play in Adelaide in a few weeks time, Joseph was overwhelmed to be chosen to play.

9 April 2008

The first babtism photo

Of Brendan's uncle, Fr Des FitzGerald who performed the baptism on baby Xavier last Sunday, more photos to come.

7 April 2008

Please don't click on the link

on the comment left on the post below. It says "see please here". When I clicked on the name 'salar' I received a message saying it was an undesirable site, thank goodness I did not touch the 'here' link, goodness knows what would have happened. This is the first time I have had anything like this happen on with blogger and hopefully will be the last.

A few photos from the weekend

This weekend just gone we had a trip down home to Port Fairy for my nieces wedding on Saturday and nephews baptism on Sunday. It was the most wonderful weekend catching up with relatives and friends, some of whom we haven't seen in ages. I have popped a few of the wedding up before I go and have a very much needed sleep and will hopefully get more up over the next few days.

2 April 2008

Mmmmm cupcakes

Sweet little AmeliaYes, I did bake.

It seems everywhere I look lately there are cupcakes, on stamps, clothing, like this cute little top my friend's sweet daughter Amelia is wearing, (It's possibly a good thing I do not have daughters because with such cute clothes around I would most defiantly never have any money left), I even saw the perfect looking cupcake in our local plant nursery, turns out it was a soap. So with all this cupcake inspiration around I felt I should rev up the oven and bake some myself, they are so pretty and believe me pretty is not something common in our house, which is why I had to photograph them before they all disappeared.
P.S. Amazingly they did taste as good as they looked