24 July 2007

Funky friday challenge

This weeks challenge was to use the Miksang form of photography. Here is the link to explain it's style. Just hope my interpretation is alright. I will hopefully have time over the next few days to take some more shots in this style as I find it very interesting and it really makes you think about structure etc when composing you photographs, but with time being a little pressed at the moment the garden shots will have to do.

16 July 2007

More of the light house and another pelican

Jackson found himself a comfy spot

The ferry that runs across the closest area between lakes Alexandria and Albert

Some more from the Coorongs

Seagulls on the Narrung jetty Shot this out of the car window as we went past, couldn't resist the beautiful old homestead.
It is part of the property Polltaloch, just past the point where lake albert and Lake Alexandria meet.

I overloaded a bit on this old light house and building but it was so atmospheric, I think I took around a dozen different shots of it from different angles.

Back from a few days at the Coorongs, pelican overload.

Arrived home with the batteries recharged after a lovely four day weekend at the Coorongs(Think Storm boy). It was a lovely wind down during the holidays and it was magnificent to wake to the roar of the ocean in the morning again. We stayed with friends who own a holiday house 10 km out of Meningie right across the road from the water, ate too much, drank too much and probably talked too much too, the perfect getaway, we had no phone connection and didn't even worry about checking the time, delightful.

9 July 2007

Funky photo Friday challenge-collections

My rubber fetish I have several angels around the house, not quite a collection but getting close.
Some of these are Christmas decorations that I just can't bear to put away.
These bottles range from small to tiny. They have housed products from dental floss to perfume and even an old codral cold medicine bottle

I love my MM paints
Rows of pretty ribbons, who can resist?

I don't have collections as much as gathering of things. My gathering of little bottles that sit on a shelf in my scrap room, and the angels that sit and hang in various spots around my lounge and of course there are not many scrapbookers out there that do not have a stash of products, more than they will probably ever use if they are any thing like me.

Sunshine in winter

Boys can't resist wriggly little creatures The footy had a bit of a break while the boys helped in the garden

Joseph giving the hammock a good work out
I love assylum, it's such a hardy little plant and can take root anywhere and the smell is divine, like wild honey
The pets really enjoyed the break in the cold weather

There is something special about a sunny day in winter that refreshes the spirit. Being the first day of school holidays and my day off helped as well with no busy schedule to follow.

6 July 2007

Funky photo Friday challenge

I love the ocean and fishing, so that's why this one is a fave A soulful little face, he had just woken up from a sleep

My sweet little great nephew Big brother
A chair on the beach, not sure what it is that I like about this but it always seems peaceful

They funky Friday photo challenge for this week is your favourite photos. These are five that I had on my laptop that I like for various reasons, not all great photos but they mean something to me. They have all been on before at different times. If anyone wants to play to the address is Funkyphotofriday .

Yellow, such a sunny happy colour.

A little reminder that the sun will return, but in the meantime we will enjoy all this beautiful rain.