28 October 2007

Need a laugh

And yes, it is water in the glass
In caught up with a group of friends on Friday night for an early birthday girls night out. I had my little old camera in my hand bag and snapped this beauty of some little bloke between two of my girl friends who are both over 6 foot tall, the eyes definitely were in the wrong spot, I had a great old cackle. Many more photos were taken which I won't post, just 'cause they are mostly crap and some because the camera was passed around and some of them are just plain silly.

Had a great night, thanks girls, with lots of giggling, actually at times I did more than giggle I laughed till I cried. Nothing like catching up with old friends.

We all stayed down in Mount Gambier for the night and Saturday after saying goodbye got to go shopping all by myself without any children, absolute bliss, no one asking for drinks, food or anything, I probably only get to do this a couple of times a year and although there is no way I would want to do it all the time occasionally it's fun. I hit one of the scrapbook stores and spent way too much money then spotlight and bought some felt and embroidery threads which I'm looking forward to having a play with.

21 October 2007

He's so sweet..

Bren's not the type to buy flowers or surprise me at any time with gifts but I don't mind, gestures like this little bunch of fowers he picked from our garden and put on my scrapbook desk mean so much more to me, something he knows I will love. Romantic gestures don't come from the pocket but from the heart.

18 October 2007

A few shots from a busy weekend.

The boys (Bren is in the brown jacket) Yeah, go three.
Playing around with shutter speeds
At the show, since when did shoving a stick in a sausage and selling it from a grungy van make it gourmet?
This was my favourite spot and isn't that piglet just the cutest.

Chowing down on blue fairy floss
Christy's gorgeous wedding cake, the figurines on the cake were dressed the same as the bridal party.

Saturday started out with work then took the boys to the local show that they don't call a show anymore, they call it a roundup but basically it is just a sad little excuse of a show. The most interesting thing was the poultry display, oh, and of course the baby animals. Can you guess I'm not a show, sorry, I mean roundup person. That night I pulled on my waitress's apron and went to work at our local Chinese restaurant. I did a bit of work there last year while one of the owners was away on maternity leave and finished up at Christmas. Every now and then I get a call to fill in if someone is away or sick or as Saturday night had it one of the girls got married and had her reception there ( Check out the cute cake above) Sunday morning started with a family mass, then off to the annual stock agents family race day. I think all adults should have followed the lead of the kids who had wins in almost every race, even with their $1.00 bets they all came home with money in their pockets. I broke even and Bren came home with a bit extra than he left with, all in all not a bad day and we had a lot of fun. Sunday night was nice to snuggle down and watch idol, after checking out the gorgeous sky (above) first.

11 October 2007

Don't bath me, pleeeease.

I'm sure she new she was about to be bathed, which she is not too fond of, with that sad little look. She slipped her collar today while Joseph was walking her and went swimming with the ducks, at least that was the story we got. Anyway she absolutely stunk, nothing like half dried up mud and swampy water to add to doggy aroma. She is now fresh and sweet smelling but for how long is unknown.

6 October 2007

Pics from last post, attempt number 4.

Dusted off the extension tubes and my boys are back.

The morning was clear and sunny and the bees were going nuts in the lavender bushes so before I rushed off to an art class, more about that and my uninspiring attempt later, I grabbed the camera and popped on the extension tubes to grab some quick photos of them, and the daisies growing on the lawn. I turned around and found my husband teaching number three son how to make daisy chains, I forget I'm not the only one that misses having a daughter at rare times. They popped it around our dog Daisy's neck and she trotted around the yard looking very cute. I should have taken a photo of that as well but the focus range of the tubes wouldn't allow it and by the time I took them off she had had enough of them and left them in the middle of the road.
Later that day dh raced down to pick up the boys after an almost week long visit with Nana. They had a fantastic time, caught lots and lots of fish and were generally totally spoiled by my Mum. Paddy came back brown as a little berry but with a nasty little gash on the bottom of his foot courtesy of a stingray, lucky it wasn't bigger they can be really painful. I've missed my boys and it's lovely to have them all home safe and sound. It has made me realise though how different life is with only two kids in the house only half the amount of housework but the house seemed so empty and quiet.
O.K. so blogger is not letting me put any photos up, I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

2 October 2007

Layouts, layouts, layouts.

Pulled out my sewing machine for this one to stictch around the letter S
Reads-Nature creates it's own art

Get the message... A few wonky pictures of some LOs I've done recently. Colour is a bit off, must check my white balance more often.

A quick card

A quick farewell card I made for one of Seamus' class mates that left on Friday, a bit over the top on the girly side but I had so much fun, don't get to do girl stuff that often.

I'm lovin' the mellow

Basic Greys new mellow line is simply adorable, from naive style little people and trees to bold florals, I simply love it. This is a quick little album I have almost finished making for Seamus to have ready when he gets back from his holiday with Nana. I'm also lovin' my new bind it all machine, our house will soon be overrun with mini albums and journals.
Just another couple of Joseph on our walk, they are very warm but it was that time of night. I did correct his very orange face that was in the last post. He has quite dark olive skin anyway so when you get a bit of warm afternoon light on it he can look very orange indeed.

1 October 2007

Today we went walking

Today Joseph and I took a bit of a stroll through the nature park behind one of our local schools, it's a really nice time of year to go just before it gets too hot and some of the trees are still flowering. The smell of wild freesias can get a bit overwhelming in parts were the trees are close together but out in the open it is gorgeous.