7 May 2014

Dismal fail

Hmmm, the whole blogging every day thing seems to have gone down the drain pipe. In my own defence I have an 18th birthday party to finish organising for this Saturday night with around a 150 people attending, I think). I also cleaned my little craft room this morning so I can now walk from one side of the room to the other (well the whole three steps) without tripping over everything. My room seems to becomes a dumping ground for everything that doesn't have any where else to go. Not only was it driving me crazy but it was also extremely unproductive, especially when I have decorations and costumes to make and I could hardly reach my sewing machine. Hopefully next week I will be in a slightly better routine and hope to photograph some project life pages to share.

4 May 2014

I'm doing this

I have had a go at making one of these tonight, the printer is churning it out as I type. with everyone having smart phones now we seem to constantly handing out our wifi password, this at least may stop the kids traipsing through my craft room to where the card is kept.

2 May 2014

I really want to try and make these air plant pots on this blog here here , so fun. think the boys would like to try these too.

1 May 2014

Blog every day in May challenge

This may I am going to try doing this blog every day challenge I've always been a bit sporadic with my blogging so will this will be interesting.  A very short post and I almost didn't make it. 1 hour until it's the 2nd.