12 June 2008

I received this little email the other day, quite cute. Hope it comes up large enough to read, click on it if it doesn't.

10 June 2008

A few bits and pieces

A sympathy card I made for an elderly neighbour whose husband passed away a couple of days ago. The brown background has been stamped tone on tone with butterflies but they didn't photograph well, neither did the embossed white buttterflies inside the card..
Stamps-Lucy's and Hero arts(sentiment) Ribbon and pink and white cardstock-PTI Bling-Hero arts Brown cardstock-unknown unfortunately because it is gorgeous. Markers-copic

A little altered chalkboard that hangs in my nook
A little matchbook album my photos came in that I covered. It holds photos taken with a disposable waterproof camera over summer. The letters were first painted white then a coat of JoSonja's opal dust was applied after this dried, it gives a really cool pearly, glittery effect. The papers and flowers are from Kaiser
This cute little flower was a thank you gift from my friend http://kathryn-timeforachat.blogspot.com/ , the pattern is here . Excuse the sad little plant
Joseph decided he would make me one too, all he needs to do is add the stick and finish stitching, my favourite mothers day gift.
Over the long weekend I managed to finish off a few projects that have been hanging around bugging me for ages. The weather was cold and damp and I had a yucky head cold so it was the ideal chance to just hang at home.

8 June 2008

No excuses

Coco's birthday card I made her, the mirror looks white but the card is actually done on a transparency base so it is clear.Jackson, the birthday boy.
Jackson and his sweet girlfriend Lucy, she really is the sweetest kid and an added bonus(for me) loves scrapbooking.
Jacko running down the oval
Joseph at the footy playing with two of his mates puppies

I haven't blogged in some time (again) no excuses really just busy with life I guess, that and the fact that I couldn't find my memory card reader. Last week we celebrated my first born's 17th birthday, I can't believe how much time has flown, how much has changed and how much has stayed the same. I still clearly remember going into labour, driving along the top of Tower Hill ringing Mum and one of my big brother's to tell them I was going into hospital and to pass it on to the rest of the family, realising I had no cash on me so stopping at the ATM in town to get money out and the woman who kept giving me strange looks as I gripped the edge of the teller machine when a contraction hit, the hospital, the midwives, the stream of young doctors who lined up on the back wall to observe a standard text book labour and birth(they did ask and by then I didn't really care, all humility goes out the door during birth) and I remember my sweet baby boy when they placed a healthy 9lbs of him in my arms. It only seems like yesterday and yet sometimes I scarcely remember what life was like before the boys were born, I think most Mothers know what it's like.
Jackson really enjoyed his birthday even though he didn't do anything really big, he played a good game of football in the morning (that is always enough to put him in a good mood) and then had his girlfriend over to have a quiet family party and video night. I'm so glad he decided against a party, it's a difficult age to know how far to let them go, we were so much happier with this arrangement and it was all his own choice.