29 June 2007

Music, music, music.

Music is such a big part of our household. Whether listening to, or playing there is almost always some sort of noise around the house, sometimes good, sometimes not. Paddy has been busy rehearsing for the high school music concert for the last few weeks with a couple of his mates. The payoff was a great performance last night with the exception of a minor technical problem at the start of the song but within minutes the boys had the crowd rocking. they sang áll the small things' by Blink 182.

16 June 2007

Soooo absolutely glad this wasn't me out there

My boys are out there somewhere

I stuck the camera out the car window as I sat there in my coat and scarf, with my blankie on my lap. You must be either mad or brave to get our there on a morning like this in short shorts and a sleeveless guernsey. It was really hard to follow for the first quarter, you just could not see them. Anyway they enjoyed it and I sensibly stayed right where I was, snug in the car, so we were all happy.

12 June 2007

Playing around with brushes.

It's something I haven't done alot of before but I think it's going to be fun. The brushes came from Swirlbrushes and Wingbrushes . Possibly not the best photo to make into a fairy,lol, an eleven year old boundry umpiring for a football game but it was the only one I could find at the time and when I wanna play, I wanna play now.

10 June 2007

Bad Mum.

I forgot to post a photo of Jackson on his 16th birthday. Here's a quick one, will have to

put some more up soon. It was on the 31st of May BTW.

A pained expression.

This was the look I got when I told him he would have to share his lolly pop with his brothers, he got the top bit of course.

More of that l l l lollypop.

I know it's probably a bit corny taking photos of an eight year old boy with a lolly pop but I think he looked sooo cute.
It was nice having a bit of sunshine today, and notice our lovely green grass, the first time we have had a decent lawn in years, with the country gripped by drought our consciences would not allow watering, so the alternative was sandy dust patches everywhere.

A good thing...

This is a great sight for anyone about to face a cold wet winter, a good woodpile. I love all the different textures of the wood and bits of grass.

Lolly pop, lolly pop, l l l lolly pop.

Doin' the lollypop photo thing.

Sing it with me now. I couldn't resist taking a few photos with this big lolly pop I bought for a couple of dollars at the local discount store, took quite a few more but am about to watch 'stranger than fiction' now so will do it later.

Where did he go?

The sweet little boy in this photo is now a big sixteen year old with whiskers and a deep voice, where did he and the time go?

Taken on Grifith island, Port Fairy around about '96 I think

9 June 2007

Another one from last Sundays veg day.

Check out those dimples
One of the benefits of a lazy day at home for Bren is a day or two off shaving,so here he is looking a bit scruffy but still cute with that mischievous twinkle in his eyes that he owes to his Irish ancestry.
I think he was leaning over to put wood on the fire, has been quite chilly here of late, I suppose it is winter. It has been lovely snuggling up on a cool evening in front of the fire. I suppose the novelty of it will wear off before winter ends but for now I am loving it.

7 June 2007

A prickly little visitor.


Seamus looking a little unsure
Feeling a bit more comfortable.

A friend of our bought home an echidna for the kids to have a look at. Seamus was really keen to see it as he had never been up close to one before. They are quite cute with their little noses and beady eyes, it's no wonder they are the subjects of several children's books. Tonight it will go back to where it came from.

5 June 2007

Lazy Sunday afternoon.

Joseph looking very tired and pale. A couple of shots of the two youngest boys lazing around late Sunday afternoon. We were all feeling tired and me too lazy to get off the lounge floor to take some decent shots. Our eldest son had his 16th birthday last Thursday and decided instead of a proper party he and a few mates would do a movieathon on the Saturday night, they watched 7 movies in a row, wow, I don't think my eyes would even handle that many let alone staying awake that long. They did it with lots of caffiene (coke) and sugar(chocolate) As a result we were all a little tired the next day even though all the rest of us went of to bed, a little later than usual, we did at least sleep. I was amazed at how good they all were, with 8 teenage boys in the house and two younger ones who knows what could have happened, guess the movies must have been too good.

Her Ladyship reclining on the lounge

Another shot of Daisy or David as our 13 year old has named her, he thinks Daisy is too embarrassing a name to call out in public, trouble is that it seems like it is going to stick..

4 June 2007


She is so hard to get a photo of, every time I get down on the ground to take a shot of her she thinks is either time to play or time for a cuddle, either way it doesn't make for easy photos. I managed to get this one while she was sitting on the couch being distracted by Joseph. I love the little tongue poking out. Shame she has such chopped hair on her ears, she ran through a horrible burr patch and had to have most of her coat cut almost back to the skin.

Aren't they so pretty...

And so deliciously yummy, peanut M&Ms, mmmmmmm. So anyone know how long they have been in such cute colours?

2 June 2007

Footy today and a little visitor.

Paddy with the ball, check out the icy patches of grass, glad it wasn't me out there with shorts on.

A little bird that kept hopping around the car, not a very sharp photo but he would not stay still long enough to get a sharp shot with the slow lens I had on the camera, thought he was cute anyway.

Just a quick shot from the boys footy game today and a little bird that kept hopping around our car. The boys won the junior colts game by only two points against the top side, they were two points down with less than a minute to go when one of the team popped in a quick goal, straight after the final siren sounded, I don't think I have ever seen such an excited bunch of kids, they were running and jumping around, I think my pulse rate was up a bit too, lol.

1 June 2007

Funky Friday, signs

Taken at the camping area near where we were fishing on Sunday And one on the way home, taken using the on board flash, gotta watch those roos.
This is one on my lounge room wall, it's not really crooked, just the angle I had to shoot this from.
This was taken a few months back but thought I'd include it anyway.

Not too many signs this week, it's been a bit too wet and I've been flat strapped so nothing too exciting, not much photo playing time. Not that I'm complaining about the amount of rain, after too long without it it's a delight, our tanks are running over, haven't had that happen for a long time.