29 May 2009

Before I race out the door...

thought i'd share a quick pic of Joey in action at the footy last week.

26 May 2009


these arrived in my letter box today from here . Can't wait to play.
Had a fantastic time in Strathalbyn and Adelaide. Loved catching up with Donna and Sharon and their hubbies and kids(and all the baby girl cuddles I got from Amelia,too cute), loved going to the zoo, loved watching great football, loved spending time with just my two youngest, loved that I was brave enough to drive around Adelaide by myself,lol, loved taking the boys bowling and to the beach house, loved our little apartment we stayed at, loved the shopping. Did you guess I loved the trip. Did not love the laundry I came home to, all Jackson's (said it wasn't worth him putting a load through just for him, would waist too much water, since when did he become water conscious)and all Paddy's yucky camp clothes, imagine a 15 year olds clothing after a weeks camping with no showers and 10 km hikes and rock climbing each day, phew.
will post some footy photos soon, after I have gone through the several hundred I took that is.

20 May 2009

Really quick

A few shots from the zoo on Sunday. How is this for a bored look on this big fella. It says "oh no, another tourist taking photos,ho hum" One of the things we learned in class was taking shots through bars, I have done this before but never such thick bars though so having an expert there to guide us through was great. Loved the course and would recommend it to anyone wanting to know a bit more about their camera.
What a grumpy face, if you click on the photo you will see that the poor thing is covered in water, no wonder he doesn't look happy. or maybe that's just him.

The lemurs are really cute.

As were the otters.

Every ones fave, the giraffe. we got to go right into the keepers enclosure while they were fed, yo just had to avoid giraffe drool dripping on your head.

When I get home I will put the hippos on, we got to go into their enclosure, just a little bit but still really cool. Need to go to sleep now, we need to be at the footy at 8.30.
Boys are doing well, lost the first days games, had a win and loss yesterday and won all their games today. I think they are really starting to gel as a team. They have only had two training sessions together(the upper south east covers a fairly large area and it's not always easy to get the kids together) compared to some of the city teams who play and train together regularly so they should be really proud of themselves.
Hope this all makes sense, my eyes can hardly stay open and I think I may be almost out of internet credit.

14 May 2009

I'm going to the zoo on Sunday

zoo on Sunday, zoo on Sunday, I'm going to the zoo on Sunday and I'm gonna stay all day...
And hopefully leave a better photographer. Donna and I have enrolled to do a one day course at the Adelaide zoo(under education on the Zoo's website if anyone is ever interested in doing this)I think the idea is we spend the morning doing the photography side of it then spend the afternoon doing prac, getting up and personal with some of the zoo creatures. I'm so excited.
It is set to be a busy week, starting early with footy Sat morn at Mundulla, then straight from there to Strath and Donnas house, Adelaide on Sunday, back to Strath Sunday night. Back to Adelaide early Monday morning for Joe's first game at West beach. The whole reason behind this trip is Joseph's selection is the upper south east football side. Monday night I stay with Sharon, back to West beach Tues then we have booked an apartment for the following three night', one block from the venue, so I will stay put for a little while. Bren and Seamus join us Tuesday as Brendan has to work in Adelaide. He leaves again but Seamus will stay with Joe and I for the remainder of the week. Looking forward to catching up with the girls, watching some good quality football(the 40 or so teams competing are made up of groups of kids selected from their various areas across the State, so one area team may have the best players from 8 or 9 different teams so the standard is quite high.)doing some shopping and HAVING to drive past Camelot, one of my favourite Scrapbook stores, to get to Sharon's house, and by golly I may even just have to stop and have a look, he he. so until next week.

13 May 2009

On Sunday

Seamus had his confirmation ceremony. He went through with a group of 17 kids which is quite a good size for a small town. A huge big thank you to Maria who was his sponsor or I should say is his sponsor as it's more than a one day thing. It was lovely to have someone who I know will be there for him if ever he needs it. It was a lovely day spent with nice people.
Maria, Seamus and Fr Vihn
Bren, Seamus(with the cheese grin) and me.

12 May 2009

This book

I'm thinking of buying this book. I read about it today here on Melissa Goodsell's blog. sounds divine.

A quick little card

for the OctoberAfternoonBlog challenge, it seriously was a ten minute card. wished I had time to do a little better, but a quick card is better than no card at all I guess. I used papers from their hometown range. I love OA papers, they have a nice mix of modern colours with a cool vintage twist.

9 May 2009

Meet Twilight

My deflection backfired on me today. Seamus asked could he have a bird for the umpteenth time this year and instead of the usual, we''ll see, I decided to put it back on Brendan and to my amazement he said "why not". You could have floored me. He was adamant not long ago that not another animal was going to step foot into this house(I guess he forgot to mention wing). So anyway we popped down to the petstop(yes that's it's name not a misspelling) and they only had four young budgies left. Out of the four we unanimously agreed on a pretty little aqua one. It was bossing the other budgies a bit and someone made the comment that it was a female (a man said that of course) turned out he was right and so the status quo has balanced a little in our house with four females and five males. One female cat, dog, bird and me. Still no advantage in any form of battle of the sexes but still makes me fell not so outnumbered,lol. The owner of the store said because she was a girl she would be a biter (that was after she chomped on his finger after he tried to shove her head first into a milk carton of which I told him I would probably bite him to if he tried to do that to me too) but since she has been home she has been a delightful natured little thing, happy to perch on our fingers and doesn't seem to mind being petted.
So with out further ado meet Twilight. Seamus chose the name I had nothing to do with it,lol. Photos are a little dark, not easy shooting through the black bars of her cage in a dark room.
And a layout of Xavier using a basic grey kit.

the palm tree was cut using my kilc-n-kut and a purchased silhouette file

Had to put google eyes on my monster

thought I would repost this with the few little things I changed.

1 May 2009

Today I made...

ThisStampin' up stamps, cardstock-stampin' up and PTI
punches stampin'up and fiskars
(can you tell I recently went to a stampin'up party?)

And these

The recipe can be found here under chewy Anzacs. Thanks Kathryn for the link, a wonderful place to find good recipes. they are meant to be for the footy tomorrow but half of them are gone already. The taste testers in my house have given them the big thumbs up.
I loved my day pottering around at home. Cleaned out the woodheater, made soup, cooked a roast, did some laundry and generally indulged in domestic bliss. House still looks like a bomb hit it but at least it smells like yummy food, we have clean clothes to wear and it is deliciously warm.