7 June 2009

I won...

This cute Amy Butler Tunic pattern from the very clever and generous Mel. I love Tunic tops, I have a couple I can throw on over jeans and can get down and dirty with the kids and not have them ride up or flash anyone accidental,lol, especially good if I am crawling around taking photos of the boys etc.. And this time I get the benefit of choosing whichever colour I like to make it in instead of a store bought one. Thanks Mel

Oh and they won, Paddy's footy team that is, won the grand final 11 goals something to 2, the final was played against the Glenelg development squad too which made it even more exciting for our country lads. It was a good game to watch with some really talented payers on both sides, I've never enjoyed one sided games much even if we are the winners, love to see a good contest, which this was.


Melissa Antolovic said...

This pattern looks good - i'd love to see what you make!

Sandie said...

Hey you , CONGRATS!!!!!
I'm going to luv to see what you do with this. You always look sooooooooo good. Well done to you & well done to the footy boys too.
Cheers xxxxxx

Donna Maria said...

This is soooo YOU!!! Really, really love it...you might have to make me one too!!!

Just wanted to say thank you for your comments....Out of everyone you know me best when it comes to things like this and to know I have you on my side is...just the best feeling! I can't wait to see you...not long now!! Xx

Anonymous said...

I love the pattern, thats what I need I think. I do stuff at the school and I always seem to have a bit of my back showing. This would solve all my problems. I will have to look for a pattern one day when I have time and no kids around. What did you do to win it?

Can We Be Frank said...

Love the tunic, if you make one, will you post a pic of you wearing it? Pweeeeeze?

Congrats to Paddy's Footy Team!