7 June 2009


I popped around to Kathryn's for a couple of hours, we chatted and ate chocolate and while she did some of her design team work I made a card using my new(ish) stamps. I ordered these over a month ago and then had to wait for them to get into the country, I was so happy when they arrived but was too busy for a few weeks to play with them. Thought yesterday was the perfect opportunity. The scan makes the colours look a little washie but anyone who knows this basic grey line knows how gorgeous they are IRL. OK, I'm back off to the footy, just raced home because there was a two hour break in the game. Paddy (number 2 son) was selected to play for the leagues under 15 team, he and one other lad representing our club in this age. They have made it into the grand final so we will head back shortly to watch. I'm off again to Adelaide tomorrow to take Jackson up(number 1 son). He has applied for an apprenticeship in the army and he goes for his a testing and info session in Adelaide on Tuesday. After this assessment they will be able to work out his suitability for the role he has chosen or suggest another area for him to go into. He's very excited, me not so sure,lol.

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Melissa Antolovic said...

love the colours in your card