31 December 2009

Just popping in

(and popping in is all I seem to be doing lately)to wish everyone a very happy new year.
Hoping to have more time for the things I enjoy after the new year, namely crafting and blogging. Have a great night whatever it is you are doing to see in the new year.

24 December 2009

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

I haven't had a lot of time to post lately and I posted off/gave away most of my Chritmasy gifts and cards before I photographed them so you will just have to believe me that I did them ;-). Tomorrow is going to be one of the weirdest ever Christmas mornings as two of the boys are already at my mum's. It will be strange to wake up and only have two here and then we have to leave the oldest behind while we head off as he has to work over the next few days, not really liking the fact that this will be the very first year when we are not all together. I guess it's something I will have to get used to as they grow up but I'm not ready just yet. The lead up has been busy for us, as I suppose it is everyone, though we did take time out on Tuesday to go to the movies in Mt G to see Avatar, amazing movie, really loved it. I was surprised at just how much I really enjoyed it, I knew it was going to be visually huge as I had seen clips here and there but what did surprise me was how much I enjoyed and became involved in the story line. I sat there laughing, crying and gripping the arm of my chair in trepidation at different times throughout the entire movie. I have read reviews that have said the story line wasn't great but every one I have spoken to who has seen it loved it as much as I did, so much for the critics hey... Definitely one to watch at the movie theatre though, so big and so much happening and the sounds added so much to it. Righto I'm off to give the eggnog one last stir and wrap those last minute things that were missed. Christmas blessings to all

17 December 2009

The links from the previous post

Ok Sushi made and eaten (yes Delicious thank you :-) and for now the links from the post below.
Template from Rita at coffeeteaphotography , she has the best range of templates, actions etc and most of them are free (unless you feel like giving a donation which I think I will do this Christmas) The brushes, 09 and Christmas are from designerdigitals also love their stuff, I am not nor will never will be a digi scrapper but I do enjoy dabbling in hybrid stuff and they have great brushes and things that work really well with scrapping.I'm not really sure where the flourish brush came from, I did a google search for flourish brushes a few years back and this is one that came up. And lastly the gorgeous papers are designed by Crystal Wilkerson and are available for sale here
I'm about to try and create some semblance of order in my scrap nook so I can get a few last minute cards done because there will buckleys of getting them done tomorrow as Paddy is going into have his tonsils removed. He's not really looking forward to it at all, not so much the op itself as having to stay overnight in hospital.

Wrong hemisphere

I'm quite sure this time of year that I have been born into the wrong hemisphere, especially after yesterday when we had a 42 degrees day. Today it has been drizzly rain for most of the day and I have loved it. I would so love to have a white Christmas, just once.
How do you like my new blog header???It's very simple, my first attempt. The template is a coffee shop one (link on the side bar) the digi papers are by Crystal ? and are available from Jessica Sprague's website and the brushes where bought from designer digital. Sorry about being slack and not putting links in but I have a date with Seamus to make Sushi.

2 December 2009

Hey now, he's a rock star

A quick couple of shot of Joe from last nights school concert, they did old time rock and roll. Dontcha just love that big 80s hair, ahhh, the memories,lol. Joe and one of his besties(yes the other kids faces are blurred out deliberately)
Seamus' class did boom, boom, pow by the black eyed peas but I don't have too many shots of it because they used a lot of UV lighting which was really hard to take decent shots of.

1 December 2009

Happy 1st of December

The countdown begins.