5 July 2009

Donna's Twilight Tuesday Challenge

As most of you know Donna is a guest designer at Twilight Tuesday (One of the places Twilight addict hang out) this week it is her challenge. The challenge...Romance. I will include the details below but firstly let me tell you, as asked by Donna, a little about how romantic I am, or I should say we are, DH and I are a team package when it comes to romance...how does zip, zilch, zero go? We are one of the least romantic couples around, we forget anniversaries, even our 20th wasn't thought about until 11 that night, he doesn't buy me flowers, the only chocolates I buy him are the ones in packets from the supermarket, Valentines day gets passed over each year and there is definitely no frilly lingerie in my wardrobe BUT we are loving and affectionate. It has to be a stinkin' hot night for us not to go to sleep in one or the others embrace, we hold hands in public, "I love you" is a commonly spoken phrase in our house, kids included, and he supports me in almost everything I do, to me that is so much more important than lining the florists pocket anyway,lol. Now don't get me wrong I love a good romantic movie (wouldn't like Twilight otherwise would I now?)and need lots of tissues in the mushy scenes, much to my kids disgust, I even get emotional reading books, that doesn't cause disgust in my kids it incites riotous laughter, boys are so mean sometimes,lol.

So here are all the details as written by Donna

Ohhhh I hope you like this.....
This week's Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge is called

"A Little Romance"

And I'm hosting it!....Well... you know, I came up with the idea!

Warning.....If you haven't read Eclipse, there are spoilers ahead!

"If he loved you with all the power of his soul for a whole lifetime, he couldn't love you as much as I do in a single day"
~ Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights

Yes, I admit it....I am a hopeless romantic! I am the one who sits in the back of the movie theatre and cry's her eye's out at the slightest inkling of a romantic, happy ending!....So it makes perfect sense (well, to me anyway) that one of the things I am constantly drawn to in the Twilight Saga is Edward's and Bella's unfailing, undeniable, intense and passionate love they have for each other. To many of us, it's what draws us back to reading the books over and over and over again!

My husband, (whom I love with all my heart) is NOT romantic in anyway, shape or form, and although I knew this when I married him I sometimes find myself craving for a little bit of romance...So apart from actually physically going out to find it, I turn to my bookshelf instead!

I love many of the romantic scenes in the 4 books...When Edward and Bella first start to get to know each other , the meadow, when they are reunited after being apart, even when Alice and Jasper meet at the airport after she gets back from Italy. But, the book I find myself regularly pulling out when I need a romantic hit is Eclipse. When Edward gives Bella his "hand me down" charm and then he finally gets her to agree to marry him...Along with a few other things!
I took a deep breath.

"Isabella Swan?" He looked up at me through his impossibly long lashes, his golden eyes soft but, somehow, still scorching. "I promise to love you forever - every single day of forever. Will you marry me?"

There were many things I wanted to say, some of them not nice at all, and others more disgustingly gooey and romantic than he probably dreamed I was capable of. Rather than embarrass myself with either, I whispered, "Yes."

"Thank you," he said simply. He took my left hand and kissed each of my fingertips before he kissed the ring that was now mine.

~ Bella Swan, Eclipse, pg. 460.

So here is my challenge to you...

Creative Portion:
Do you have a favourite Edward and Bella , Jacob and Bella or even an Alice and Jasper romantic moment? Create something that celebrates their love or how about creating something for that special person you love!

Comment Portion:
Tell us about your most romantic moment...Be it in the books or real life!

there you go, the challenge, and here is my interpretation of it. I believe it took Bella quite a while to believe herself as capable of being loved by Edward as much as she loved him so thought the quote quite appropriate
It took quite a bit of effort on my part not to line up those words with a ruler,he he, I am so linear sometimes, I just had to let it go.

thanks to Nat King Cole's Nature boy for the quote.



Donna Maria said...

Beautiful and gorgeous...Just like you!!! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!! Told you you would be good at it!! Xx

Sandie said...

Yes siree!!! You ARE good at it too Susy!!!
Love the hearts & what a beautiful saying.
Maybe I'll have to blog my card to Joe for our 25th anniversary??
cheers xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I love this Susy! I'm so glad you played with us in the TTIC. Any friend of Donna's is definitely a friend of mine! I love your work and am subscribing now.

Dani said...

WOW!!! What a beautiful card!! So perfect for this challenge!
Thanks for playing with us and I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Margie said...

... sigh... love that quote, sooo romantic!
Beautiful card, Susy! I am loving the distressed look!
LOL, and I know exactly what you mean when trying to line things up! My sis is always rolling her eyes at me and hiding the ruler! ;)
TFS :*)