5 June 2009

My little boy turns 18

Well it still seems like he is my little boy, I suppose to me he always will be. It was a day of mixed feelings for me. Happy that he is growing up and finding his direction in life, happy that he is now, legally at least, an adult but sad at those years that flew by, it hardly seems any time ago at all that I was his age, celebrating my 18th and then I blink and it's my sons turn. Eighteen is such an exciting age, still young enough to enjoy the benefits of childhood but old enough to be taken seriously(OK, sometimes,lol). The one major change I would have made raising him would to have slowed things down a little, being the first I was anxious for him to reach all his milestones, which he did quite early, he was and early talker (and boy could he talk, still does) and walked at 10 months of age. If I could do it all over again I would have slowed down and taken more time to enjoy the journey.

A birthday card for Coco, and yes I know it was late. Pulled out these papers from Jenni Bowlin that I bought at Camelot several months ago, bought Donna some too in case anyone thought they had seen them recently. I came up with the design first and wanted something with a strong design to go with it so when I found these in my stash I was quite happy, just hope she likes it and that it arrived in one piece and not squashed flat.
And speaking of Donna, congrats to her on being selected for not one but two designing guest spots. So awesome, she deserves all of it. Especially after seeing my gorgeous canvas she painted for me(it's on her blog if any one wants a look), I'm so spoilt.
A very quick baby card for one of my sons previous teachers who has just had a baby girl, used a couple of my new stamps. the stitching looks quite bulky here but it wasn't IRL.

Arrrgghh, I hate the way the cards look crooked, I must develop a better method of photographing them, sit them on a stand or something, so they are not angled.


Donna Maria said...

Happy Birthday Jacko... WOW I still can't believe he's 18!!

Beautiful cards Sus....especially love Coco's...LOVE those papers...might have to go and get some more!! Xx

coco said...

Hi there Susy,

Thankyou very muchly for the beautiful card and pressie. I loved the papers you have used. They both arrived safely. Love the necklace, how unusual. Wow, 18 is a big number ....but a lovely fella knows how to use that number wisely . Gorgeous too, if an old hen is allowed to comment on friend's son....Well with lovely Mum and Dad could he be anything else?
Love ya babe, I feel very spoilt xxx coco