29 June 2009

IPhone update

just rang telstra to see why my iphone had not arrived and they have informed me that it is on back order, whaaa. Joe is anxiously awaiting it's arrival too becasue he will get my old phone.I know it is just a matter of being patient but....
On other news I head down to Port tomorrow to catch up with Mum before she heads off for her holiday to Darwin. Bren is home on holidays,won't be so much computer time for me ;-) ,so it is the perfect time to go while he is here looking after the boys. Also get to stay a night with another of my pals Marcia and her family on my way back.

Today is...

My very talented and wonderful BFF Donna's birthday, finally. Firstly I had it written in my diary a month early, right day, wrong month then last Friday I confused the dates thinking it was the 29th when it was the 26th and now today it is here, at last, right day, right month, all's good, and hey at least I didn't forget,lol.
Me and Donna taken the weekend before last, loved having her stay, there is never enough catch up time. And here is her birthday card, unless I change my mind and do another one, which she will not get until she gets her gift which will hopefully be winging it in soon.

And speaking of birthdays these next two shots are of a couple of unbirthday gifts I have received lately. The first is a gorgeous canvas that Donna painted for me,here is a better photo of it on her blog, I was too lazy to get it down from the top of my book shelf where it is sitting. Isn't she just so clever.

And this cute little glass owl from the gorgeous Sandie, I just love it.

So there, aren't I the spoilt one.

I'm sitting anxiously awaiting the arrival of the postie with my new iPhone and it's getting a bit late, he was meant to bring it today but I may have to be patient and wait until tomorrow now
:-( I just want it n n n o o o o w w w w, that's me jumping up and down as I say it, I'm super excited about getting this and have had to go through with a few back and forward calls with telstra, some with nice people some with really rude, condescending people, makes my day when you do get someone who is helpful and knows what they are doing....

28 June 2009

Sponge Bob costume and formal photos.

Last Friday the younger boys school had a dress up as your hero day, no guessing who Seamus' hero is...So at 3.30 Thursday night when he arrived home he announced we were going to need a costume, great, we had to leave for footy training at four, which would take a few hours and I was also due at a friends at 7(didn't make it until later, sorry Maria)and in the meantime I had to drop off some cooking I had done for a friend, fill the car up with fuel and buy the makings of a costume. Fortunately our local cheapie store had some spare cardboard boxes, so just under $12 later with a couple of cans of yellow spray paint, a roll of masking tape and some felt we had all we needed to make a Sponge bob costume. It was made during all the other things going on and cooking dinner, nothing like a little pressure to get the creative edge going. No bed for me though until after midnight. it was all worth it though the next morning when he woke up happy as a lark.
Friday night Jackson had his year twelve formal, so lovely to see the kids all dressed up in their finery, especially the boys a we seldom get to see them all done up. Jacko loves his new suit and I had more trouble getting to get out of it than in to it. the day we bought it he wouldn't take it off and even sat up playing the xbox with it in, now that's a photo I should have taken.
Doing his tough guy impression.

this one is my fave

Waiting for his date of the night

Jackson and Lucy. Lucy is a friend from out of town, I think it a good idea to take a girl who's a friend rather than a girlfriend.

24 June 2009

Not one but two layouts

Have to be quick posting this as number one son is on XBox live and for some reason it's me who doesn't get to go on the net, it slows us both down for some reason, got tired of him complaining loudly of the lag. First layout has been patiently sitting waiting for the journaling to be added, it was all done except for that and the second one flew together very fast, love it when the idea comes together with the products in your stash.
Jackson is going to hate that I put on what he calls the embarrassing photos, they were mucking around posing for the camera and despite appearances there was no alcohol consumed, lol, so shhhh, don't tell him.

23 June 2009

Meet the girls

these girls make me happy, they started out as scrappin' buddies and ended up as so much more. we have shared laughter and tears, good times and bad and I wouldn't change my time with them for anything.

Horizontal photo, left to right-Coco, Sandie, Me, Sharon, Donna, Maria, Jane and Kathryn

We have all formed an online challenge group called scraperlicious were we will meet once a month to share our themed projects. so glad we could all get together in this photo, it's not the usual since three of the girls moved away, thank goodness for the internet.

22 June 2009

I didn't want the weekend to end...

I had an oh so lovely weekend catching up with my girls. Donna came to stay and all was well with the world. will post a few photos tomorrow and a little rundown of the weekend but right now I am too tired to even think, could have had something to do with the late nights sitting up watching 'the boys' (supernatural) with Donna and last nights little iPhone research session that went into the am. Right now i am happy sad, happy that our little group could be all together again, even if just for a short time but sad now that it is all over and I won't see them again for a little while.
A quick little photo just so this post wouldn't look so bare,lol.
Not sure of the name of these natives, the centre is about the size of a golf ball

18 June 2009

I've been playing

You know I still haven't made it on that date with my vacuum yet,lol. I started playing around with ps. always a dangerous thing, but I had bought a set of story board actions here and I wanted to try them out, and then I decided I needed to make a new 'blogged by' brush too so that is how I ended up spending the last hour. these are all older photos and the bottom ones are Brendan's from his fuji P&S but I was just using them for fun and thought I'd share, hope you don't mind. The photo below is NOT a story board action, just one I had joined the two shots together so I could print it that way, I was jsut trialing the brush. Brendy's photos on one of the new story boards, there are 10 in the set, just bought these for a bit of fun, don't know whether I will ever print them or not. Oops I forgot to put a border around this.

It's all Donna's fault...

I thought I might play along with the Sissy'sscrap challenge. this is the design team that Donna is starring on at the moment, along with the Twilight Tuesday design team, she's just on a roll and so inspiring, this is her challenge choice. Their challenge is to make or alter a piece of home decor. I made this little set of bird houses a few weeks back for Joe's teacher as a thank you gift and thought it quite home decorish. Papers are Basic Grey, paint by MM and the stamp is hero arts(or maybe PTI, whoops I forget, it's one of the privileges of age,hehe)Righto I'm off, I have a date with my vacuum cleaner, noice.

17 June 2009


One of the highlights, for me any way, when we were at the zoo was getting in close with the hippos. I know that in the wild they can be quite dangerous but seeing these large slow moving creatures waddling around it is hard to imagine. The zoo organised a feeding session for us to photograph and we even got to go into the back of the enclosure, very cool. the hippos are quite good for a girls self esteem, I'm sure not even my butt looks that bad,lol. I thought I'd quickly pop these on before I head out for a haircut.

16 June 2009


Have just worked out how to put bigger photos on here without losing half of them

Annoyed that i used too shallow a depth of filed and his left eye is out of focus but I like the rest of it, not sure why really, just one of those things.

This is why

I didn't want to leave my nice warm flannelet sheets this morning. An icy mist surrounded us, it was every where, everything was damp and very cold... but very very pretty. Now I look out the window at almost midday and there is not a cloud in the sky, blue skies and sunshine mid-winter, crazy stuff. I think I need to venture outside and get me some of that sunshine while it lasts.

11 June 2009

I forgot to mention

that Jackson passed his first round of testing on Tuesday to do an army based apprenticeship. So far he is track to do the electronic technician training that he wanted with several other options open to him if he changes his mind. He has spent the last few hours reading up on what he has to do with his basic training, sounds very intensive and very physical but he is really excited about it. He is right into his sport any way and jogs around 5 km every second day as well as footy training and playing, athletics at school and soccer several days a week in his lunch break. the not being able to sleep in on weekends will probably be his greatest challenge,lol, that and no XBox. for me the greatest challenge will be letting go, for 18 years I have been responsible for him and even though he is now legally an adult it is still a hard thing to have to do. I guess the first one to leave must be the hardest although I can't imagine it will get any easier as they all file off eventually, hope fully not too soon though.

Jumping up and down excited and a mystery solved.

Did you here me go "woo hoo" from where you are? I love PTI stamps but with our dollar dropping drastically lately against the US greenback they are just not a luxury I have been able to fork out on. But...apparently last year I did,lol, cause sitting in a little box a my front door step this morning was the 2009 anniversary set. I'm not going to admit to how many sets you had to have bought through out the year to qualify to get them but now I am glad I did because they are so cute. I love the sentiments, ( I think PTI do some of the best sentiments around)and all that polka dottie goodness is making my hands itch to stamp.
Sorry about the wonky scan, I was just rushing to put these on here.and my mystery- I often wonder why there is mess on the floor around the bin in my craft nook and blame the boys for it, trying to throw things into my bin and missing and leaving them lying there, as I have been sitting here Daisy has been putting her little muzzle into my rubbish bin and taking everything out of it piece by piece and laying it on the floor beside the bin. there is bits of paper, plastic, catalogues etc laying all around it. I may have to make an apology to the boys. A strange, strange dog.

7 June 2009

I won...

This cute Amy Butler Tunic pattern from the very clever and generous Mel. I love Tunic tops, I have a couple I can throw on over jeans and can get down and dirty with the kids and not have them ride up or flash anyone accidental,lol, especially good if I am crawling around taking photos of the boys etc.. And this time I get the benefit of choosing whichever colour I like to make it in instead of a store bought one. Thanks Mel

Oh and they won, Paddy's footy team that is, won the grand final 11 goals something to 2, the final was played against the Glenelg development squad too which made it even more exciting for our country lads. It was a good game to watch with some really talented payers on both sides, I've never enjoyed one sided games much even if we are the winners, love to see a good contest, which this was.


I popped around to Kathryn's for a couple of hours, we chatted and ate chocolate and while she did some of her design team work I made a card using my new(ish) stamps. I ordered these over a month ago and then had to wait for them to get into the country, I was so happy when they arrived but was too busy for a few weeks to play with them. Thought yesterday was the perfect opportunity. The scan makes the colours look a little washie but anyone who knows this basic grey line knows how gorgeous they are IRL. OK, I'm back off to the footy, just raced home because there was a two hour break in the game. Paddy (number 2 son) was selected to play for the leagues under 15 team, he and one other lad representing our club in this age. They have made it into the grand final so we will head back shortly to watch. I'm off again to Adelaide tomorrow to take Jackson up(number 1 son). He has applied for an apprenticeship in the army and he goes for his a testing and info session in Adelaide on Tuesday. After this assessment they will be able to work out his suitability for the role he has chosen or suggest another area for him to go into. He's very excited, me not so sure,lol.

5 June 2009

My little boy turns 18

Well it still seems like he is my little boy, I suppose to me he always will be. It was a day of mixed feelings for me. Happy that he is growing up and finding his direction in life, happy that he is now, legally at least, an adult but sad at those years that flew by, it hardly seems any time ago at all that I was his age, celebrating my 18th and then I blink and it's my sons turn. Eighteen is such an exciting age, still young enough to enjoy the benefits of childhood but old enough to be taken seriously(OK, sometimes,lol). The one major change I would have made raising him would to have slowed things down a little, being the first I was anxious for him to reach all his milestones, which he did quite early, he was and early talker (and boy could he talk, still does) and walked at 10 months of age. If I could do it all over again I would have slowed down and taken more time to enjoy the journey.

A birthday card for Coco, and yes I know it was late. Pulled out these papers from Jenni Bowlin that I bought at Camelot several months ago, bought Donna some too in case anyone thought they had seen them recently. I came up with the design first and wanted something with a strong design to go with it so when I found these in my stash I was quite happy, just hope she likes it and that it arrived in one piece and not squashed flat.
And speaking of Donna, congrats to her on being selected for not one but two designing guest spots. So awesome, she deserves all of it. Especially after seeing my gorgeous canvas she painted for me(it's on her blog if any one wants a look), I'm so spoilt.
A very quick baby card for one of my sons previous teachers who has just had a baby girl, used a couple of my new stamps. the stitching looks quite bulky here but it wasn't IRL.

Arrrgghh, I hate the way the cards look crooked, I must develop a better method of photographing them, sit them on a stand or something, so they are not angled.