30 September 2007

It's official

My son is a dork. I think this sock is beyond the mending basket, don't you? (okay so I lied,

I don't mend socks)

Don't you love it when the sky is like this?

That dark kind of moody look when it clouds over after a warmish day and the clouds pick up all the different coloured evening light, unfortunately I didn't do it justice, I didn't have a tripod with me and the light was getting a bit low but you get the idea.

Bye boys.

Today I waved two of my smunchkins off on the bus for a few days holiday with Nana. Saying goodbye to number two son was not so bad, he had done it several times before and at age 13 is quite the man of the world but my baby left too. I said my goodbyes on the bus, hugs kisses lots of smooches and even more hugs and kisses, he said goodbye I said goodbye and then he said....................."you can get of the bus now mum", I was shattered my clingy little man has grown up alot in this last year thanks to a nice bunch of kids in his class and a teacher he really likes, but I'm not sure if I'm ready yet for him to grow up so much so fast that he doesn't need me as much anymore. It made me ponder on how life is going to be when they all grow up and leave home, after so many years of living a hectic flat out pace chasing after and running around after four busy boys I think things could be very flat, lucky I won't have to think about it for quite some time yet and with any luck in the future there will be lots of grandbabies for me to spoil but boy I can understand how bad the empty nester's must feel. At least they rang me twice tonight so I haven't been totally superseded yet.

25 September 2007

Funniest ebay listing ever...

Check thislink out, it's hysterical, a mother of 6 young children explaining why she is selling a set of pokomon cards on ebay, very funny. Thanks Hannie for putting it on your blog.

23 September 2007

Combine sun and rain

and you get a lawn that grows weeds quicker than it grows grass, looks like there might have to be some mowing done this weekend, although with the light shining through them they do look quite pretty.

22 September 2007

Sport, sport, sport.


Paddy(in the middle)
A few shots from the older boys basket ball and football games.

Grand final day

Joseph relaxing in a chair under the warm sun A friends cute daughter, Taylah
And her equally cute little brother
For those crows supporters out there here's a pic of Tony Modra, now playing for Keith.

A few shots taken last Saturday at the local footy grand final. Our eldest son was playing for the senior colts but unfortunately they just couldn't get their game together and lost by around 16 points, still the experience was good for him as he only decided to start playing in the middle of last season. The weather was perfect, we all enjoyed sitting around outdoors relaxing in the warm spring sunshine.

Mum says "eat your vegetables"

Our latest food craze at the moment is vegie chips. I discovered these the other day at the health food shop and they are so yummy, just like a potato crisp only using all different types of vegetables. Probably just as bad for you as the regular type but they look so pretty, our favourite is the sweet potato chip, it's the super yummiest of them all.

A friend like Henry

I read this a couple of weeks ago and I must say it is one of those books that I can't recommend enough to everyone to read. It is written in such a straightforward unpretentious way, nothing has been flowered over, it's a tell it like it happened kind of story, one that had me laughing and crying, sometimes all at once. The story of a family who struggled to have their sons disability recognised and the lengths they went to help him fit in to mainstream life. Nuala Gardener, the author and mother of the young boy in the book is an inspiration to all mothers everywhere, the guts she showed and the belief she had that she could help her child even when at times she herself seemed to be sinking. A really inspirational and enjoyable read.

12 September 2007

Boys, boys, boys.

On Sunday my boys went up to our local park for a quick game of rugby and like most kids I think they have magnets attached to them because it wasn't long before our little group grew. I couldn't help taking a photo of a few of the boys around and one of their dogs Ernie, they all looked so cute together discussing rules and strategies. There are times when I miss the freedom of living out of town but I seriously love that there are some really lovely kids living nearby and that they have such a safe place play so close to our home(two doors down) and as spring approaches they will be able to spend more and more time up there.


Our favourite photos aren't always the best ones we take, they are the ones that evoke the most emtions in ourselves, like this shot of Seamus I found curled up in our bed. Even at eight he still isn't too old to sneak into our room and snuggle up on a winters night with his teddies.

1 September 2007

The optimist

Reads-Frazer Gherig "I lost my last game of my footy career by 5 points"
While Kane Pettifer did kick his share of goals today the hope that the Saints might loose
by 5 points just did not happen. Number three son, 11 year old Joseph is right into caricatures at the moment. I think his drawing of Frazer Gherig (did I spell that right) is pretty good, love the tear rolling down his cheek .

And today is...

September the first, happy spring everyone.

My not so sharp shots of the lunar eclipse

I was having tripod issues, the tilt part of the head would for some reason not hold steady so most of the time I ended up supporting the camera myself, may as well shot hand held for all the good it did, so the end results are a little blurry.