22 December 2011


Are such important people. These two have been friends for several years now, no romance just comfortable. I love that my boys have female friends too. It's important for them living in a family of 5 males, gives them a female persective other than mine. It also helps that Georgia is gorgeous when I am in the mood for taking photos :-)

12 December 2011

14 November 2011

26 October 2011

Updating some family pics

All of us. confession time, this is the first proper family photo we have had done, terribly embarrising :-) Thank you to Sarah, of Sarah Jay Photography for the gorgeous shot
Paddy's year 12 formal

My baby boy
He's growing so fast my 15yo.

End of footy season haul, Paddy best and fairest and payer of the year and Joe best utility (he missed out on runner up best and fairest to Paddy by one point, not bad for a kid who was out with a broken arm for 9 weeks and a smashed up face for another game. I was pretty proud anyway :-).)
Today I had the pleasure of photographing a pregnant belly, love round tums, love that there is life growing in there and I just love the way the dad-to-be is looking at the mum-to-be, love pure and simple.

22 July 2011

Monthly photo club challenge, wet wet wet.

Each month our local camera club does a themed challenge, this month's wet wet wet. there were several terrific entries with our president Peter being the winner. Info on the camera club and photos on the website here http://capturedimagesnaracoorte.jimdo.com/

5 July 2011

Lately I've been

Playing with my camera, not blogging much (not hard to guess that one) FBing more than  I've been blogging, watching the boys play lots of football (4 boys 6 games on Saturday) missing my DH who is away travelling the countryside, waiting for my new toshiba tablet to arrive (woo hoo) not doing any craft whatsoever and generally living a busy life(don't we all).

 Joe and his gorgeous pal Georgia, such a cute pair of kids (and just friends)
 Sarah and her sister Kimberly

And I really want to try and do this again this year without the dismal fail from last year. I made it two to three days in last year and just got too busy to finish it. I still have the album ready to go. Last year I used templates over my photos, edited etc, this year my word is going to be simplify, pictures and words and maybe a bit of pretty paper thrown in for good measure and that's it. I'll see how it all goes, and then there is always next year if all else fails,lol.

30 March 2011

Yes there is work I should be doing

But my oldest sons new kitten is sooooo cute I couldn't resist sharing these quick couple of pics. Meet pickles, his adorable little lap warmer.

26 March 2011

Camera bag/actions giveaway

Wouldn't either of these prizes be awesome to win???


23 March 2011

A hodge podge of shots

Well still no creative mojo so you have to bear with me with photos for the moment. I'm quite sure
Santa bagged up all desire to create things from paper and took them back to the North Pole with him. Maybe the Easter bunny will bring it back for me. Hope fully, I have too many dollars worth of crafty goodies sitting here gathering dust,lol. 

 Playing with water droplets, not perfected yet but still a fun thing to do.

 The super moon which I didn't think was very super. Maybe if I got out a little earlier I would have been ok but by the time I got outside that night after a busy day it only looked like a regular moon. I was going to give it another shot the next night but it has been cloudy ever since. Guess I will have to wait another 18 years or so for the next one, hehe.
 A pretty in my back yard
 And this is how I filled in my time while the youngest was playing cricket (have to stay awake some how,lol) this little beauty flew by just as I was about to photograph the kids and I thought he would make a more interesting subject than boys all dressed in white.
As you may have noticed I have been playing around with watermarks. Not sure which one I like best but I think I may just go back to susy's snapshots. Sue FitzGerald photography sounds a bit pretentious as I am not yet a photographer in the professional sense although I suppose anyone who takes photos is basically a photographer, I mean what else would they be??? sue fitzGerald Captured moments is ok but sounds too much like a business name so I'm thinkin' susy's snapshots it is...Any opinions???