30 October 2006

Seamus and his Christmas bauble

Seamus' Christmas photo

This year I thought I might try and make some photo Christmas cards. Seamus is the easiest to bribe so for photos so his is first, now I just have to decide what to do with it. My first attempt at shooting RAW.


Just a snap of our Cavalier spaniel, Daisy. My daughter substitute, can't be the only female alone with all these males.

28 October 2006

Kids expo 2006

Donna helping out the Dredge girls at the kids expo. Wow ,what a busy but fun day. Now if only I could go home and put my feet up...

26 October 2006

The elusive boy captured...

Yay for me, I managed a few more photos of Jackson. I did have to bribe him with food though but at least when the family look back in years to come they will at least remember what he looked like. Even captured a smile.

Guess who's in the latest edition of scrapbooking memories???

It's us...

22 October 2006

Fishing at Robe

The first week back at school was a short one with the Friday being a holiday(yay) so the three younger boys and Jessie and I headed off to Robe fishing for the day. Only one size fish was caught by Jessie. It doesn't seem to matter that much, a day by the coast is always nice, the fish are just a bonus and I had time to laze around and read and take a few photos (of course).

13 October 2006

How to beat the heat.

With summer coming early this year the boys need to find ways to keep cool and there is not much more fun than a water bomb fight, no pictures of the fight but some befores of the balloons (the hands are Josephs).

9 October 2006


Proof that I actually do have a fourth son, he's going through a 'don't want to be photographed' stage at the moment so I don't have that many shots of him. Brendan actually took this one at the Wannon falls and bonus, he was even smiling (not trying to hide his braces).

Fishing in Port Fairy

There's not many better passtimes on a sunny day than down by the water dangling a rod.

The passage

Back home for the weekend and a family, friends catch up weekend and an envious glance at all the lovely green grass. The closer we got to Naracoorte on the way home the browner it became. Just a seagull doing what they do at the passage, no trip home is complete without a cruise along past the beach.

5 October 2006


Mum and Trevor.

One of the few things in my garden at the moment...

After a dry winter only the toughest plants are flowering at he moment, we can always rely on the palegonias for a bit of colour. (The water droplets are from Brendan watering not rain, although it did come the next day)

Holiday @ home

The boys decided to camp out for the night in the backyard, after setting up the tent, putting all their bedding in and everything else they thought they needed a storm hit and scared them both inside for the night. At least it didn't deter the two older boys who braved the weather and slept out in it, at least now we know it's weather proof.

1 October 2006

Joseph pt 2

More macro shots.

Just a snail in the garden and a rather prehistoric looking bearded dragon

Grand final day part 2

Grand final day fun.

Who said kids need expensive toys to keep them happy? Grand final day was spent with the O'Brien family and the kids had an absolute ball with an old tarp made into a makeshift slip and slide. Add some detergent, water and a heap of kids and you have the making of a fun day out.