21 August 2009

Thanks Em

As I was browsing my favourite blogs today I read on Em's that she had tagged me and awarded me with a beautiful blog award, how exciting.
When you receive this "Beautiful Blog Award" you are to list five things you like to do and pass it along to five other deserving blogs.Here are my 5

Well this is one easy thing to list, there are so many things I enjoy doing
-Paper crafts, an obvious one
-Learning about photography and photoshop
-Hanging out with good friends
-Snuggling with hubby
-Spending time by myself, I love company but I also love time by myself.

Hard to narrow it down to just five, another thing that is hard to narrow down is the list of five blogs I love.
I will start with Donna's , I know Em has already given her this award but don't you think she deserves another?
Sandie , my very talented friend, fellow photography club member, excellent cook and all around good gal.
Coco another uber talented lady who lives too far away.
Melissa Goodsell Scrapbooker, cook, sewer, she does the lot and she has the luck of living in beautiful Tasmania, her blog is always an inspiring read.
And last but certainly not least is my good friend and sanity saver Kathryn who assures me is going to blog much more when she moves :-) not that I want her to go, she is so much my go to person, I think because she reminds me so much of my big sister and I am going to miss her beyond measure when she leaves in a few short weeks, thank goodness for the net.

there are so many other blogs that I love to read, you should see my google reader list but it would take pages to write the rest down and we are only allowed five.


ETA, Seamus read this post and asked why I didn't add spending time with him and the boys in my list of five favourites, funny kid, had to explain to him that it was only meant to be a list of five and not necessarily the top five things I enjoy most. Any way I thought I had better add a number six for his benefit and publically state that I enjoy hanging out with my boys(most of the time any way,lol)

Is it wrong

That the arrival of this at my front door so should make me so happy, I hope not???After being quite disappointed at the lack of variety at last weeks scrap and stamping fair in Adelaide I came home and did an online order from Anna's craft cupboard Lots of Cosmo cricket and October afternoon goodness, these two would probably have to be my favourite paper companies, their colours make me smile. They were the main things I wanted on our little day trip and two of the many things absent. I didn't buy one single stamp for the whole day, must almost be a record,lol. I must say that Camelot did make up for the craft fair, but still no Cosmo Cricket or October afternoon. I have to admit that i think the reason I purchased these stamps is because of the little camera. I went searching for one the other day, even checked out some clip art and still couldn't find a pic of a camera I liked, until now that is...
these little journal blocks are sooo cute.

Oh, and a photo of Seamus, just because.


14 August 2009

Í survived

Distressed frame and textures from coffeeteaphotography
the worst bout of flu or any illness for that matter that I have ever had, which either means it was a really bad flu or I've never been truly sick before,lol, whichever, I'm just glad it's over. I really think the decent weather the last few days has helped and the kind words from you girls too(you know who you are). All the boys were back at school today too which is a mega relief.

Wednesday night saw Sandie and I pop along to the first ever meeting of the Naracoorte photo club (the name may change yet, but that is to be addressed in next months meeting) 15 photo enthusiast turned up with a few apologies as well. I am really looking forward to this club and learning along with a group of like minded people. We are a varied bunch ranging from beginners right through to ex commercial photographers and even a photography teacher. I'd like to think maybe I might slot in somewhere in the middle :-) Thursday morning I made us (the group) a blog to share our little adventures on and keep a record of how we develop along the way. Can't wait to see it start to grow as we set (and hopefully meet) the monthly challenges put forth.

In other fun news I'm off to Adelaide on Sunday for a girls day out, shopping, chatting, laughing, eating, all things we do so well. Can't wait. I'm off, still can't stay too long on the computer yet as it is still making me a little dizzy, ahhhh, what if that never changes.


10 August 2009

You know it's bad when...

you can't even drag your sorry butt to the computer for days. Our family minus 1 has been out for the count with the flu, and boy what a flu. It's been body aches, tremors, pounding jack hammer head aches, throwing up, constant feeling of nausea, coughing, sneezing, weird fever induced dreams, we had the lot. Bren was the least affected and has thankfully been able to go back to work today and for some strange reason it decided to completely bypass Jackson. I never ever want to be that sick again and I'm quite sure that goes for the rest of the family as well. OK, I really need to go back to bed but just wanted you to know that if I am in contact with you often and I haven't been than that is why. hope this garble all makes sense, still a little spacey.

5 August 2009

Popped outside for a while

to try and get a few shots, not the best time of year for this type of thing, too windy and not enough variety in the garden, a few more weeks and everything should be blooming. We have a few Daffodils and Jonquils popping up and of course there are always the daisy bushes, my favourite flower, simple true and honest, well that's how I see them anyway, and there always seem to be a few petunias strangling around from last year.
Daisy Wattle leaf


Vintage Johnquills

Hope I spelt that right. today I played with a set of actions from here , they are a vitagey washy set, a look that seems to be popular at the moment and best of all they are free. I've only just started following the blog recently but so far have found it very informative, she is a Mum (a very clever one mind you) not a photoshop pro so I love that she speaks English not Photoshopian(a whole other language that can be really hard to understand) I'm sure I didn't do the set justice but they are really quite cool. A set you have to play with a bit which I enjoy. For some reason my resize and sharpen for the web action seems to be desaturating my images a little at the moment but I am only playing and sharing so you get the idea. This was the ruby red action with red layer opacity dropped a bit.

told ya it was simple...

I may do another one yet but for the time this will have to do. As I said in the previous post I went simple because of the amount of words. The title alone, Is this how the world sees me, because this is how I see the world? is long enough and then you add the journaling, of which I am quite proud, not the words themselves, they are just ramblings, but the fact that I was able to shape it so I could insert the circle. It is not showing up here but the white cardstock is from the bazzill Swiss dot range, love it, so is the aqua but I think that shows up a little better than the white. I didn't use many products here at all, only cardstock, brads, and some black ink, but did use a few tools(love my tools) Cardstock-bazzill swiss dot(aqua, white), Aussie scrap source(black and kraft)
Stamps-Stampin up and making memories
Alphabet dies-various quickutz
Punches-Fiskars (border punch), stampin up(curly label punch) and EK success(circle).

4 August 2009

All done

One of the benefits of staying at home with sick kids (there has to be some doesn't there?) is that I get to hang out in my nook a little more than usual, that's when I'm not running around with anti bacterial wipes trying to kill some of those germs that are lurking around our home at the moment or finding ways to entertain a getting bored ten year old and two coughing snuffling teenagers. any way it means that I have finished my scraperlicious challenge page. This months theme is all about you, which is me,lol. I went really, really simple on this one, no inked edges (yes I hear a collective gasp) no extra embellishments (except for three tiny brads) and only the date stamped. I had lots of words to include in this so I didn't want to overwhelm it with too much busy, it is very simple even for my simple style. It's too dark to share tonight but will put it on sometime tomorrow.