30 April 2009

Night light

My new favourite range of papers. the colour looks a little blah here but they are gorgeous IRL. as soon as I spotted the limey greens, teal blues and navy and red I just knew I had to have it. At the time I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but when I took this photo of Seamus the other night in his own room for the first time I knew it would fit the theme perfectly. He definitely is not scared of monsters under his bed and has embraced the whole being in a room alone thing really well. I guess you get that when you have spent your whole life sharing a room with a snorer. He loves the silence. I guess the photo is a tad dark for the rest of the papers but I didn't really care, it was all about the theme. after photographing this I decided to add a small green button on the corner of the journaling block and moved the monster down a little. It's a girl prerogative to change her mind,lol.
the layout is not really crooked, just my photography
A closer view of the title
The little monsters that go with this paper range are the cutest.

A closer look at the photo.

29 April 2009

Much ado about nothing

Pretty much summarises our life lately, lots happening but not much happening. Just the normal run of the mill stuff that I'm sure most families do. It is also the name of the Shakespeare play my friend Kathryn her son Greg and I went to on Sunday. It was held in the local caves and it is a great atmospheric place to hold something like this. They do an annual Christmas carols there too which I keep promising myself I'll go to. It was a nice light hearted little play with a bit of deceit, betrayal and romance. Very entertaining.
A few shots from the play

We also celebrated Joseph's 13the birthday which now means I share a hose with three teenage boys.

I tried to take some photos of my reshuffled nook but because it is so narrow and my camera lens is not that wide it was really hard so I have just put one end of my new desk. the computer sits up the other end which I am loving. I have so much more floor space now.

A really old layout I did a few years ago for a stamping class using different techniques such as resist stamping and masking.

A more recent one with an old photo using Jack's world PP. I love this shot from when the two younger boys were little. we were living in Yambuk then and it was a heavenly place to raise young boys. We had the ocean one side of us a lake the other and a few acres around us with lots of trees and a huge house. I still miss it.

another old/new layout. I started this one around three or so years ago. It was a kit from Aussie scrap source but I go t sick of rubbing on the quote so ditched it in the finish off basket for a few years. When I redid my nook I decided to try and get rid of some UFOs and this was one of them. It was probably for the best to leave it anyway as I added a few things that I wouldn't have a few years back.

a gift a made last night for Joseph's teacher as a thank you for taking the four KIC(kids in charge/junior school council)kids up to the young leader's forum in Adelaide, hope she likes it.
the kit was bought from here . I used basic Grey Urban prairie papers.

Little Xavier. From a layout I took a sketch off from, hmmmm, actualy I can't remember from where but I loved the way it was set out and thought I'd use it. It's a little wonky sorry, it sat on a shelf in my lounge for awhile and got a little bent. Figured it would flatten once it was put in an album. Pattern paper from Kaisercraft

20 April 2009

Some photos

Still finding it hard to get back into the blogging groove. Maybe when the boys are back at school and the house is completely back to normal after our reshuffle. any way thought I would just share a few photos from the last few weeks. Starting with young Xavier. He has always been baby Xave to me but now I guess he is growing past that stage and has reached toddler hood. He is just the sweetest. I have recently heard the lovely news that one of my nieces and her husband are expecting their first child (I think she is around 12 to 13 weeks) so their will be babies around for quite a while yet. One of my nephews was recently engaged too. The moon, obvious I guess,lol.
Joseph at the SAPSASA tryouts, he has made it into the team to go to Adelaide next month. He also received best on field in Saturday's match and was pretty excited even though the team took a hiding.

Easter Saturday saw us at the Marks' house for Kathryn's birthday. We had already had a lovely girls night the Friday before at her house. Love a party that keeps going.
Happy Birthday Kathryn.

Well that's all folks, for the moment anyway.

14 April 2009

I Twitter

Do you twitter? Come and join me and lets be twits together.

10 April 2009

Total awesomness

Brings back teenage memories of being totally infatuated with 'The Boss'
Still love this song and I'm not ashamed it's on my playlist, quality music never goes out of style.
Haven't been blogging a lot lately, waiting for the groove to come back, hope it will. This Easter's project is an enormous house reshuffle including my scrap room so when it is finally all over I will share(depending on how it looks of course,lol)
Hope Easter bunny comes


Oh darn, just realised that I can't embed the clip only the URL, you will just have to go and look for yourself, it's so worth it.