29 August 2008

Just boppin' along to Rob Thomas

Journaling to come, my hand writing is horrid so I will get Brendy to do it, or maybe even Seamus himself.
Paper is cogsmo by cosmo cricket Coloured the live out loud rubon with coloured pencils, the white letters were to stark for my liking
PP basic grey

The blue @ symbol is not meant to be there, I wasn't sure which colour I liked better and sat them both there, obviously there was a bit of tack on the side of one of the letters because it stayed there and I forgot to take it off before photographing it, so typical,lol.

PP K and co

while I upload a few quick layouts I have done recently. gone are the days when I
would spend hours agonising over the placement of an item, now I just tend to stick, if I like it good and well, if I don't and it can't be moved, well that's bad luck and I either try to add something over or around it or just deal with it. Like the bottom layout above. I dropped a letter while sticking with some super strong adhesive on it and it landed crooked, me being quite a linear scrapper tried to move it and all it did was started to tear the paper so I just had to go with the flow and put everything on scew whiff (so what's the real spelling?) I'm still not sure if I really like it or not but here I am sharing it anyway. the cat in the hat layout, which yes I know still needs the journaling done on it, was done after sketching a layout of Nichol Magourik's on the hero arts website here , I really love her style of scrappin and card making. anyway I had the photos and me being usually a one photo girl was a bit flummoxed as to what to do with them, as soon as I saw Nichol's layout I knew it would work for what I wanted to do.

I'm off to go and watch a game of basketball, hooroo.


Little Miss Lucy said...

LOVE the layouts especiall the me and you at 40 something one...your so clever.

Kazza said...

"linear scrapper"... someone once called me a "linear photographer"... I like everything neat, clean, and symetrical if I can have it my way! :) I knew I was drawn to your style for a reason!

Sandie said...

Well my lovely,,,,,,,,,
you have done it again!!
I LOVE these layouts. WOW.
I wish that I could create something like these. Maybe I'll get close someday LOL.

lisav said...

The top one is a really great sketch..the bottom one, the blue a being there when it should'nt but you did'nt see it, so many times I've done that, looked at the photo later and wondered how on earth I missed it.
Good on you for making their costumes, I'm hopeless at that sort of thing...oh, and it's 'skew whiff' :D

Niki Estes said...

I love your layouts, Susy! Great colors and layouts!