24 August 2008

More of the good stuff

I forgot to mention that I also won this gorgeous little set of stamps from the awesome hero arts company just by leaving a comment on their blog. They are a little inchie set and I can't wait for them to arrive so I can have a play. I don't know what is more exciting with this kind of thing, the winning or the being contacted by the big guns of the paper crafts world. I received an email from Jennifer McGuire this morning and was so excited.
I guess now I will stop the commenting on blog candy for a while as I really think I have had my share of good stamp winning fortune and one less person commenting leaves one more chance for somebody else to win. I am having a bit of a clean out of my scrap stuff over the next week or two so may even do a little giving away myself, I had panned to do this some time ago but didn't get the opportunity, stay tuned...


Sandie said...

Oh well done Susy girl!!!
They are just the
cutest little set of bling!!!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with, I'm sure it will be good!!
It's nice to have a clean out at times so good luck with that.

Donna Maria said...

Congrats Susy.... I can't imagine a more deserving person to win!

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn...You will have to get them but be prepared and don't read them until everthing is up to date and you have a bit of time to spare...
It about a 17 yr old girl who falls in love with a vampire..plot sounds a bit flimsy but it is so well written..

coco said...

Oh Suzi, I coulnd't wish for a lovlier person to win some goodies. You are always giving me a little butterfly or try a new sheet of paper you got from such and such a place, your generosity is doing a full cirlce. Congratulations. I love you Suzi Q.

Love Cocoxx