21 August 2008

Flippin' awesome

O.K. you are going to have to forgive me all the flip puns. This is my first ever play with the flip. Nobody was at home to shoot footage of so it's a half completed layout. I do tend to babble a bit when I'm on video (and I hate the fake voice that comes out), I think it the talking when there is no one around thing, like leaving a message on an answering service. I chat to myself quite a bit at home but that's a whole other story,lol.
Here goes, I hope this works.

Untitled from Sue FitzGerald on Vimeo.


Kathryn said...

Yep - very exciting. Daniel has done nearly an hour of videoing this afternoon on our flip!! A really cool little thing hey!!??

coco said...

Hi Suzy Q, Wow you are the most awesome person, have I told u lately that I love you? Wow, you are famous now. How did you achieve this? Bloomin heck im impressedxx Well Darling I actually thort the voice was sexy.... u know me, don't take much!!
Catchya soon, Cocoxx

Donna Maria said...

How cool was THAT!!!!! Now when I miss you I can just look at that and hear you! WOW, more please!
Love you heaps!

Maria said...

Now that is what I call smart, how do you come up with these. I am so jealous, no really I am proud of you. Keep this up.