7 August 2008

And also

My little link thingy that normally sits up on the right top corner seems to have gone astray, you know, the thing that lets you sign in to your blog etc. Help pleeeeeaaaase, anyone more computer savvy than me (and that's a huge percentage of the population) please help me find it.......It's sad and lonely lost out there in cyber space somewhere.


Donna Maria said...

I don't know Susy...maybe if you go into dashboard (can you?) and then go into where your HTML is you will find your template code...you could look on that. It has a link thingy (technical term there) where you can go back to your original template, maybe you might find the bar in there. Other than that I don't know....Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Susy,
I don't know. I am just here to offer support. I'm technically UNSAVVY as heck. hahaha
Blogger and Blogspot have help forums... I am sure someone could help you. (she says like the amateur she is).