28 August 2008

Book week and thank you Donna

Cat In The hat AKA Seamus
Robin (Joseph) Hood high fiving the crowd.
Princess (Sandie) Witchiepoo

Firstly a big thank you to Donna for my little award, I'm meant to pass it on but you all rock so how can I choose. So if you read my blog and you think you are deserving (you know you are) just give yourself one of these.
This week has been book week and today the school celebrated with a dress up day, oh what fun. Seamus went as cat in a hat and won the over all competition, a gift voucher from Angus and Robinson book store. It is amazing what you can do with cardboard and a bit of imagination ( a few scrapbook tools help too,lol) Joseph first started out as Specky McGee but changed his mind at the last minute and went as Robin Hood which won him his class prize, cool hey(again cardboard and imagination thrown together in literally 3 minutes). My younger boys are like me and love to dress up for these sort of things. I remember at when I was at school relishing the time for school plays and dress up days and going all out to create a costume from whatever materials I could find around the house, usually in Mum's sewing basket or big sisters wardrobe.
My Mum was a whiz at whipping up a costume at the last minute, still does it occasionally for her great grand kids. Almost the whole school got into it even the teachers. The gorgeous Sandie came as the wicked witch from snow white but still had her princess fairy wand, just so we wouldn't forget who she really is,lol.
that's all for now, oh and I did a layout this afternoon in around about 30 minutes using Seamus' photos from this morning, will share tomorrow, can't be bothered taking photos tonight, gee I'd like a 12 inch scanner.


Sandie said...

Hey Susy girl!
Loving the photos. The boys looked just fab!! Congrats to them for winning a prize. Well done - they deserved it.
Thanks for saying that I am gorgeous & also for mentioning my 'princess' wand - just so there was no mistaking!! hee hee
Can't wait to see this layout you.ve done already!! You go girl.

Lynn Mercurio said...

What great photos of some equally great costumes! Gotta love adults who still like to dress-up!


Donna Maria said...

Hey Beautiful...the kids look fantastic...you always do an amazing job with dress ups...well with everything really! Not long now.. am counting the days till I get to see you all again!!!

Little Miss Lucy said...

awwww so so cute! Seamus looks heaps cool and so does Joseph. Your one very clever lady making those outfits! luv the layouts too.
Bye Bye
Lucy xxx