1 September 2008

Page one, workshops at home

I am doing one of Kim Archers workshopsathome classes. it started on the 20th but I have only just started mking it, luckily her workshops are left up for ages.. The litttle album is one of Maya roads and is really cute. It's a little hard to tell because it is laying down on a piece of card but it's a gorgeous sheer not clear plastic so you can still see through it but not as clearly as acetate, it makes it a lot easier to adhere the parts because although the adhesive might show a little it is certainly not as bad as the clear albums. I have used papers and ribbons by WR memory keepers. there was a kit you could buy from Tarisota but unfortunaly it had sold out by the time I went to purchase mine. I have added a few extra elements to mine like the extra buttons and bird and also made my own pin from a hat pin and beads. I get more satisfaction from making my embellishments than I do buying them, although sometimes if time is a factor the premade stuff might be hauled out. I will share the rest when I'm done. It's going to contain photos of Bren and I from the 20 plus years we have been together. It's a little sad that I can only fill a mini album with them as we seldom ever seem to have photos taken of just the two of us.
cheers for now.


Little Miss Lucy said...

oooh i love it Sue....looks great, i cant wate to see the rest of it. I really want to start one now lol.
lucy xx

Kazza said...

The colors are perfect for our fall season coming up, LOVELY!

becspicer said...

Oohhh, that's pretty!!! Oh and I have something for you on my blog.

kim said...

hey Sue, this looks great!!! Look forward to seeing the rest of your album. I am so glad you joined in the @Home with Tarisota workshop!!!

Yvette Adams said...

I LOVE the colours you've used Sue! I hope you'll show us again when you've finished the album! Or even progressive shots. :)

helen karanfilovski said...

LOVING this Sue - orange is such a bright, fresh colour... love it and I love the bird on the cover... how cute!! Would love to see more:)