21 August 2008

I'm excited

Woo hoo what a day. Firstly when checking out google reader the link came up that the delightful
JenniferMcGuire had announced the prize winner of the card drive she did, and guess what, my name was on it. there was a special draw for us down under folk (aussies and NZer). I'm so excited, some of the cards are pictured below. For some reason I did not write just what they were for on them when I posted , that's just my scatter brain sometimes I guess. any how I'm just so excited, can hardly sit still to type . The other thing that has made my day brilliant is the arrival of my little flip camera in the mail, super fast shipping from the States amazed me. watch out, videos everywhere from now on, this little thing is amazing.
O.K. I'm off, wish it was to go and do something super exciting like the beginning of the day was but now I have a load of washing to hang out and then I have to take Daisy to the vet. she has a really irritated eye and with Cav's being such big eyed dogs I don't want it to get any worse.
I hope all this makes sense, I'm typing too fast cause I'm still excited.


Donna Maria said...

How exciting Susy...So cool!!!

Em's Place said...

YAY for you. I do have a solution for quick typing... RED WINE! lol
Hope the doggy is ok.