18 August 2008

Yeah, yeah, I've been tagged.

Thanks Donna, (imagine this said with a hint of sarcasm in my voice,lol)
My dear friend Donna (and no I don't really mind, I was only joking Don) has tagged me to share 6 unremarkable things about myself. Only six, I could probably write an entire book on being unremarkable, so here goes
1) I have a thing for antibacterial solution, and have to soak things like toothbrushes, cutlery holders, toys etc in it regularly, even though I have not had a baby in the house for years, it's just one of those things.
2)I can't bear to wear socks to bed, no matter how cold my feet get, I even get cramps in them sometimes but the feeling of socks in bed just creeps me out.
3)When I type the word scallop on my computer I almost always type scallpop and regards as regrads, not sure why, I really have to slow it down to write those words.
4)My second toes are quite a bit longer than my big toes.
5)I will eat almost anything other that tin asparagus, love it fresh but the canned stuff reminds me of snot,ewww(sorry if that just grossed you out and has put you off canned asparagus for life).
6)I love cotton underwear, I hate the feeling of wearing man made materials next to my skin, so no frilly little nylon knickers for this girl.

So six very unremarkable things and as I said the list could go on and on.
Now I am meant to tag 6 other people but as Donna has already tagged a few of the people I would of I'll leave it to you to tag yourself if you read this.
O.K. I've changed my mind, I am going to tag one person Tanya the unblogging blogger, just because it is so long since she has done anything on hers, update now girl.


Sandie said...

Hey Susy,
I'm with you about the underwear - hate nylon frillies!!
and I just wouldn't bother typing scallpop or is that scalop or scallop?????? anyway bye for now.
me 9hee hee hee)

Anonymous said...

omg.... you are so funny!
growing up in the HOT U.S. Southern states... we were told anything but cotton is bad. So... only cotton here. Maybe we should start a cotton knickers club. hahaha
OK... clearly I need more coffee. I'm trying to be funny. it doesn't always work.