8 August 2008

Back to basics

Anyone who looked at my blog yesterday may have noticed I changed my template then ditched it. I have decided I like my plain old blog. I did put in a hew header though but I'm still not sure if I completely like it, it was one I picked up off the net. I think I prefer to do my own but I can't remember the size ratio and pixels I am supposed to size it to, any one want to fill me in or do I actually have to look it up myself, lol. You can ignore the last post at least, I found my poor little lost links, now they are happily right back where they are meant to be.
Have a big footy weekend coming up this weekend. Seamus has his school boys grand final tonight out at Kyby under lights and that will not finish until 9pm, bettter pack my blankie, then the boys play at Penola tomorrow. Hopefully Saturday afternoon will be fairly free.
hooroo for now.


Donna Maria said...

Hi Beautiful...I liked your blog, but if your not happy....

Lena's way of doing things is a bit hard but yes I too lost all my things when I changed but I didn't loose my link bar thingy....don't know how that happened!!

Anyway if you want to travel down that way again I can help....but I do like your blog just the way it is!
love you,

Donna Maria said...

Just me again....here is another site you might want to look at it has free templates....and they are free of course and easy to put on!


Anonymous said...

Have a great day...
I loved your blog before, but I don't come here for the layout, I come for what you say/do... so I just want to say have a great footy weekend. lol