19 August 2008

Nothing to share from me at the moment

The Moyne river Port Fairy, one of my favourite spots in the whole world and my old home town. I remember as kids rowing the dingy around underneath the wharf and around the river. Isn't the rainbow spectalcular.
The road home, love the moody look of this shot and the sweep of late afternoon light across the road.

Just busy with the usual swirl of kids, sport, school, upcoming footy finals, homestuff, work and play. I haven't picked my camera up, other than for football shots, for ages so I thought I'd share a couple of Brendan's photos taken while he was on holidays last month. these are only two of many he has taken. He is really developing an interest in this hobby, pushed a little by me of course, and I love it. If he sees a nice sunset or view now he will stop the car get out and photograph it or as is the case with the second shot take it while he is driving. So glad the camera I gave him for Christmas turned out to be a hit not a fizzer.


Donna Maria said...

Better watch out Susy....He takes fantastic photo's, he is getting good isn't he!

Not long till October!!!!
P.S. Sorry about the tag...I felt the same way!

lisav said...

They're very nice, love the wharf one. That pelican heading is SUPERB.

Anonymous said...

very nice pics...
wish I was there (at the wharf)