19 September 2008

Coach's award

Last Sunday the footy club the boys play for had their junior presentation day. The day started with a fathers versus sons match, a great giggle, and then the presentations to the footballers and netballers with a break for a yummy lunch in between. Paddy was really excited to receive the coaches award, even though he doesn't look it here, he had to race off to work straight after and wasn't happy to have to stop off for another one of Mum's photos.


Em's Place said...

He's very handsome! And GREAT JOB on the award!

Can We Be Frank said...

Congrats on the award!!!

Susy.. no.. the card has not arrived, I thought you had gotten busy and maybe forgot about it.

Little Miss Lucy said...

Well done for Paddy!
thanks so much for coming on Thursday, i really apreciated you guys being there :)
have a great weekend. Oh and i hope you worked out kids, work, dinners and all that last night lol.
Lucy xx

lisa v said...

congrats Paddy!
lord suse, that is one handsome lad you have there.

Donna Maria said...

Congrats to Paddy....and yes aren't ALL the boys growing to be very handsome men....well really you can't go wrong with you and Bren can you???