2 September 2008

Daisy had a playmate

We couldn't let her go home with out at least one photo shoot,lol. Joseph and Pixie
Joseph and the two dogs
Our own cute but slothful dog Daisy (in her defense I will say that when she does start to run there is no stopping her, she can run for miles)
Food, did someone say food

Over the weekend we minded Kathryn's dog Pixie. She's a lively little bundle of energy compared to our fat Daisy, that's until she finds a lap or warm spot by the fire. the photos don't show just how tiny she is or just how fat Daisy is,lol. Daisy has been advised by the vet that she needs to go on a weight loss program, just a couple of kilos but for a dog that adores food as much as she does it's not going to be easy, sadly I can relate so well to her,lol. Pixie on the other hand ate up a storm and never seemed to change, lucky girl.


Little Miss Lucy said...

AWWWWWW how cute is Pixie. I bet Daisy had a great time with her. How did Brendon cope having 2 dogs in the house lol...do you think he will give in to letting you get another one lol?

how is Daisys eye?

Iv been to the doctors and got some tests done this morning, so hopefully i will find out whats been wrong before too long.

Mum and I are back off to Melbourne tonight so i will catch you when i get back.

Have a good afternoon.
Lucy xxx

Kathryn said...

That's my baby girl - those photos of her are just gorgeous. You must have had food in your hand to get those photos - she runs away when I get the camera out!!!
Wish I could eat as much as her and stay tiny like she does!??

Thanks so much for looking after her for the weekend - obviously it wasn't as a big a chore for you as I thought it might be???



Donna Maria said...

I am outraged!!!! who dares call my favourite dog in all the world FAT!!!....and I can vouch for her she can run for hours...I have seen her! Ok, she may need to loose a bit... but it's all winter fat, I'm sure. She is beautiful just the way she is...
Pixie pretty cute too...love the photo's Susy!

lisavc said...

Love the b and w with joseph and the 2 girls and the one of daisy looking sideways at the camera.
Our Suzi is a bit chubby but she's slimmed down some since they replaced the work ute with a golf buggy.
Because it goes slower than the ute she likes to run beside it or hitch a ride then jump off as it's going along and have a run. So she's lost a bit of weight that way.

Anonymous said...

Those are some darling pictures.
I love those dogs. Daisy doesn't look Fat. How rude! lol
Take care.